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Worst attempts at bullshit strain names youve witnessed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RussianHaze, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Hey blades, so whats the worts name people invetend for a strain that youve encountered in your smoking years?i have three concurretns:

    1. Says its golden kush, its was m 39 which is the default beaster/mids strain in quebec, covered by so much curry that it was in fact gold. I smelled, said you a dirty ass and left.

    2. Some idiot took again normal weed, DREW BLUE SPOTS ON IT WITH A BLUE MARKER, and said its was blueberry. This time i was mad, and threw back his stupid ass fake weed in his face and left lol.

    3. CAndy kush... the guy says oh its real candy kush crazy shit mane blablabla, the bud looked rerally white and smelled like fruit candy with a very fait weed odor. I touched and there was white powder on my fingers. I licked them and it was candy powder. :rolleyes:

    Note that this is 3 difeerent people that ive never talked to again after they tried bullshiting me like this.
  2. the things people do to sell weed...
  3. "Dragon fire kush haze....

    Go fuck yourself you little bitch i'm taking your money and your "weed"

    Bitch. "


  4. Then get shot. Twice.
  5. I tend to tune people out when they are telling me about strain names. I guess it is nice to know, but I always figure the people I am getting it from are just trying to push their product.
  6. "some bomb ass kush"

    Seriously, everybody calls it Kush then charges an extra 5 bucks. Honestly I'd be more likely to buy it if they were just honest and said it's some decent bud even for the extra 5. I may buy it out of not having any other source at the time but I sure as hell won't come back.
  7. I was told that I had purchased " Sucker Punch Kush" one time. I lol'ed.
  8. pink panty kush

    maybe it exists.... who knows
  9. So I was forced to take spanish 2 to graduate and somehow the majority of my class is freshmen (which is weird cause they normally aren't allowed to take spanish 2) and I'm a senior. I was talking to this kid in there about weed and he's been bragging about this "purp" he has at his house. He is always talking about it, its rather annoying.

    Then today he was talking about weed again and he asked me who I buy from (which I didn't tell him cause my dealer would hate him) and what I normally smoke (obviously expecting a name). I tell him that we live in fuckin south mississippi and that any named strain he buys was made up by the dealer in an attempt to raise sales.

    Then he proceeds to tell me that he normally smokes "Fire" and it's the best weed he has ever had. I tell him that "fire" is a term used by all the cool kids these days to describe how great their weed is, not that its a strain. He gets all embarrassed and tells me to shut up.

    So annoying
  10. My friend from rehab told me that if it has any purps at all you can just call it Barney's Balls and people will jump on it.

    Sadly he was right...Haha.
  11. This one dude i knew didnt have any bags, so he cut open the plastic covering around popcorn bags and melted it together. called it popcorn kush.

  12. LOL i feel you man i know some people like that too you can tell them wtvr you want they will still believe its theyre idiotic strain. But in my case at least they have a strain name which is real, i mean there is weed submitted on medical reviews called Fire OG Kush but im pretty sure its just the same og kush just well grown hence its called fire og kush,but calling weed fire and saing fire is a strain is just stupid lol.
  13. russian pig meat pie kush
  14. Zac weed

    Ps I like this thread :D

  15. are you serious?

  16. yah man it was some dank ass dank ass
  17. Cartoon Chronic lololol
  18. Peach chronic haze
  19. Senior at my old high school selling to freshman : " Hey man its called unwashed cockx" just dirty vaped weed really funny to see them think there gettin good stuff though
  20. God's nutsack.

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