Worst and best Vape you ever used?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by DeathMadeTangible, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Worst: MFLB
    Best: Deluxe Daddy 

  2. Best: Arizer solo
    Worst: PAX
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    Worst in everything: Iolite
    Best in taste and vapor production:  LSV
    Best in efficiency: Purple Days
    Vapes that I'd like to try and heard GREAT things about:
    VapExhale EVO
  4. I've only had a MFLB and a SSV so...

    Worst: MFLB

    Hitting it and getting high was fun but damn they were small hits

    Best: SSV

    Much better results, strong hits, USA made nuff said

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  5. Worst- MFLB
  6. Just for the record, I would have also said that the MFLB would have been one of my worst vape purchases ever, that is, until I got their Finishing Grinder and got my technique down.   Now I can get pretty decent clouds out of it and it is now in rotation with my LSV.   Great little vape and almost as efficient as my Purple Days was.
  7. Overall, the HI, Sublimator, and EVO are the best I've used.
  8. Surprised to see how many people say the MFLB is the worst...seems like a lot of people have a big hype about it...

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  9. Wish I could get into vaping

    Who Dat!
  10. Ha you sent it from your ip. I got you now drug dealer- regards from your friendly neighorhood cop!
  11. So far I've only used Da Buddha and I love it. I use it everyday!

    Outgrow the Feds!
  12. Best: Sublimator
    Worst: Tie for Iolite, MFLB, and plenty
    It has been surpassed by other portable vapes. At one time it was the best portable around, but other portables have come out that make the MFLB far less desirable.
    That doesn't stop the true MFLB fans from appreciating their favorite vape!
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    I don't think it's an issue of MFLB being the best on the market at any time period, it's just that the design is shitty and barely gets many people stoned unless you sit there puffing away at it for like 15 minutes. 
    And then there's the fact that you have to keep replacing the battery. And the hits are pathetic even if you do get anything out of it. It's just a lame vape overall frankly and I can't think of one reason why I'd buy an MFLB over any other vape, even non-portable ones. 
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    And you're the guy who suggested to the OP in another thread that was asking for the best vape for under 200 bucks, that if he wanted the best home vape for under 200 bucks, he should get a Chinese made VaporBros knockoff rather than a Buddha, an LSV, an Extreme Q, , but if he wanted a portable, he should get the Atmos over a Solo, a Davinci, and so on.  
    You need to stop giving advice here because you have no idea what in the hell you are talking about.........
    I wouldn't say the design is shitty..the vape does have its uses. The smell from an MFLB is next to nothing compared other vapes.
    I have a similar opinion as you about it, there are better choices than the MFLB, but I can't say it shitty design. Its design is actually pretty ingenious. I used it daily for quite awhile..there needs to be an easy way to clean it imo..once the residue gets built up around the heating element, the vape function just seems to decline. But they have lifetime warranties, so they will always send you a brand new vape.
  17. Worst - Easy Vape

    Best- e-nano log vape, or my solo. Both get daily use and i feel pretty complete with these two.

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  18. Sublimator isn't a vaporizer

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    So you don't believe that the Sublimator belongs in this thread, or for that matter, in the vaporizer forum at all?
  20. Lol no just saying that it's not a vaporizer.

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