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Worst and best dealers you have had?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SnowblindLeaf, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. My last dealer would take .1 from every gram. I didn't realize it until I finally got a scale. I called him out on it, he said he would give me 5 grams for free, which was enough to cover my losses and then some.

    He never texted me back, and I never got that 5 grams.

    My new dealer is so cash. You can just drive up to his house and get bud instantly. No need to call ahead. He always has people chilling and smoking at his house, and if you stay there, he will smoke you out for free. And then he plays super smash bros with everyone.
  2. Thats cool man
  3. one dealer i had would hook friends(which included me) up with an extra .2 every bag, and really good friends with .5 extra. I remember everytime id buy hed pull out his HUGE stash(had to have been atleast 2 pounds) and would weigh it out in front of me and everytime, he was a friend and a great dealer so id always smoke out the entire house(which was usually around 5 people) fun times
  4. My last dealer always has super good herb from collectives, but didn't have a car and NEVER delivered.

    My new dealer has 10 dollar dubs (Not insanely great, but pretty good for 10 per gram. I mean, it is southern California haha.) The lower quality weed doesn't matter, because he always has hash, kief, oil, and edibles. Plus, he'll always deliver if you ask. He's got other mind altering substances too ;). It's like a one stop shop. Plus he's a crazy chill guy with a sweet beard. Love that guy...
  5. best dealer dealt to my mate who used to deal and i would smoke with him. The guy started off homeless (parents fucked him around hard!) but eventually had a place with 2 other mates. He used to big 7/11 slurpee cups as a weight plate haha. He didnt let anyone in and he had to call ahead but if you were his mate (me) you come over, sleep over, smoke as much out of his stash (never did always bought, felt bad) as he wanted. He left for a cross country and thats when bud was getting a little scarce. (back in aus)
  6. Back in high school, I had a dealer who always hooked me up so fat. He practically gave that shit away. I'd buy an eighth, and he'd come out and toss me a 5g sack of dank. I'd buy a quad and get 8 or 10g's. He owned a body jewelry shop, and I went in one day to get a new pair of studs. He threw a g in the bag and said have a nice day. Haha.

    This was some gooooood bud. No joke. Straight fire. I was amazed.
  7. one of my dealers back in high school gave me a qt for free because i helped him with is math homework for like 2 weeks... i'm tellin' ya kids, there's perks to being the smart stoner of your group

  8. That's all?

  9. i mean he was selling it for $90 a q, and considering i put in like 6-7 hours of work, tops, i'd say it was a pretty good deal

  10. oh I thought you meant for like 2 weeks nonstop you were helping him haha that's awesome then
  11. Best dealer I ever had was my closet. She always hooks it up fat.haha.GROW!
  12. That's a good dealer, Somebody who only smokes weed and only sells weed, Good man...
  13. I had a dealer that used to leave right beside me, but pinched big time. Nevertheless his bud was dank.

    My new dealer hooks up fat, i got a 20 sac and it weighed out to be an eighth. :smoke: yee
  14. My worst dealer was probably when I first started buying sophomore year of high school. It was a kid a grade above me. He wasn't necessarily a BAD dealer, he just was rarely on deck and only sold mids. Twice, it took him almost a week to re-up.

    My best is probably one of my main homies who just got his med card about a month ago. I've only got from him once since I'm on a job hunt, but he goes to the club all the time and is always on deck with good stuff. Besides him being a good friend, he's easy to get from, and I know I'm getting good stuff. So pretty much... That's the best.
  15. My best dealer was my friends, he was quiet but would never scam and always brought good bud. Often times we would smoke him out as a thank you. He brought his scale and measured it right in front of us.
    My worst is my current. The quality of the bud is shit, its expensive and I dont see it weighed. Half the time its spice and he will never reply to my texts. Luckily Ive found a new lead and I think I might transfer.
  16. I would say my best dealer is this girl that always can meet me in closer places to home (very fast at that, too :D) and has spare cash for bigger bills. She always has good shit too :smoke:

    Worst dealer was this sketchy guy who hooked me up once with some low mids, kinda seedy. Very selective, and when I got a hold of him he wouldn't show up to meeting places.
  17. Best dealer I've had is moving into an apartment with my best friend right now. :bongin:
  18. Worst: Kid who set me up to get robbed at gunpoint for less than a hundred dollars.
    Best: Kid who would hook it up fat, would always answer and meet up, and would always have FIRE.

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