Worse Results with 301b Board...Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by threedogsfarm, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. Just thought I'd post my thoughts as well as see what others have experienced.

    Disclaimer, I'm a new grower, just over a year, so my experience is limited, I have been running non-stop though for the last year or so, growing and expanding my setup, plants, etc. and taking in every bit of information to try and learn. So here's what I've got.

    First indoor grow, single 600 watt HPS for first 3-4 weeks, then I bought a bigger tent and another 600 watt HPS which I had for the rest of the flowering stage. Three plants, I got 8oz off two of them, and a different strain a little over 5oz. 21oz total for my first grow with 3 plants, humidity and heat out of control, I had days I want in the tent it was over 100 degrees as I didn't have my venting and stuff all figured out. Anyhow, without question, my first grow, was the most unstable in terms of consistency in nutrients, temperature, humidity, all of that as I was just figuring things out a little.

    My next grow I went to 6 plants, and I added a "2000" Watt Blurple Light from Bestva. The 6 plants were smaller than my first grow, I topped them which I didn't do second time around, I also got a massive fungus gnat infestation that really did some damage, but again ended up with about 23oz, was hoping for more given the increase in plants and slightly more light, but I think the thousands of bugs I had in the tent definitely held things back, and I didn't get on them super quick.

    Now on to grow 3. I had been reading and reading about the new LED's, a lot of interest in them because of the power output, penetration through the canopy, and efficient. So I went from two HPS 600 watt on my first grow (of which the 2nd light was only in there for about half the flower period), two now my last couple of grows with 6 x 240 watts of Samsung LM301b boards that I bought full assembled, ready to go. From my reading's and understanding it seems I should have about twice as much actual light output from when I had the two HPS in the tent.

    So these are supposed to be the new great lights, I've gotten my temperature and humidity dialed in and very consistent at this point, running around 78-80 degrees and 50% humidity. Growing all organic, and using high end soil. My yields have been the worst since I switched to these new LEDs. Has been incredibly frustrating to first spend over $2K on lights, all to see no increase, in fact a decrease in yield over previous grows with less light and less experience.

    The boards I'm running are 3000k spectrum, from Atreum lighting. Wondering if anyone has experience something similar? The flower I'm getting is great, but just not much of it, with most plants only getting around 3oz each.

    So looking back, my thought process is maybe not enough red light. I've just built out a new and slightly larger space, instead of being in a tent, and have decided to put my two 600 watt HPS back in, along with 4 of the 6 LED's that I had going. So now, 1200 watts of HPS, and 960 watts of LM301b board lighting. Interested to see what happens.

    But real reason for the post, would love to hear if anyone else has had struggles, or decreased performance with these new high end lights and switched back, or maybe gone to a combo, or did you find bring some more red light in to be helpful?

    Thanks in advance for anyone who has the time to give some thoughts or advice.
  2. How large is your space?
  3. The space that all these grows took place in was a 6.5x6.5’ tent. I’ve no built out a space which about 9x5’
  4. Were your veg times the same?
    Different strains?
    Do you know what your gram per watt is?
    I've done 2 grows with QBs 1.4 gpw and 1.5 gpw?
    Do you have a lux meter to set your light levels?
    I've never heard of anyone being dissatisfied with their QBs.
  5. - Lets see. Veg times similar within a week or so of each other.
    - I've grown the same strains a few times now.
    - So my last grow I had 6 plants, all in the 3-4" height range, 6 lights, 240 watts each, so 1440 watts (which from my understanding a good grower can get 2 grams/watt off these lights, so I figure even half that would be great), I netted around 500 grams from 6 plants.
    - A cheap one, I've never set lights levels, I've just puts the lights in, run them pretty much full blast, and have just watched for light burn, which I've had no issues with, nice green leaves on many plants right up to harvest, sometimes the very tip of some leaves turn yellow, but literally maybe 5mm worth of the tip.

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