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Worse case because contamination?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Oleg92, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Whats the worse thing that have happened to you due to smoking contaminated buds, Such as Grit (Fiberglass, etc etc.)
    Last 2 days ive been feeling like theres something in the back of my throat and been coughing so much! I also vape but dont smoke cigarettes.
    I smoke around an 8th of mids a day and last 2 days was dank.
    Been smoking buds for 4 years now and never felt this feeling. Not sick or having any other sympoths to date.
    I dont know if in my case it is due to fiberglass (hope not thats pretty scary) but let me know your experience! 

  2. I've smoked all kinds of buds from all kinds of people -- dirt mexican schwag to medical grade kush. But I have never in my life smoked laced weed or grit. Not sure why everyone on this board is so paranoid about this stuff, it's incredibly rare. Chances are it was just thick smoke that irritated your throat, you will absolutely, immediately, undoubtedly be fully aware if you smoke something that has fiberglass in it. 
    Relax, let that paranoia fly right out the window and toke on.   :smoke:
  3. Its been years that ive been smoking and just recently started to notice. What would u say the feel is from smoking grit? i heard people before smoking this stuff but nobody actually posted that they had any kinda symptoms besides coughing. so lol i am still wonder yall who smoked grit weed before what was immediate noticeable effect ive been still coughing my ass off still feels like something is in the back of my throat. i coughed and coughed and all comes out is nothing at all, and still get dry cough help !
  4. Started vaping more? I know sometimes when I hit the vape I get all kinds of scratchiness in the back of my throat.

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