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worrying about tolerance

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by THCvision, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. The one thing that worries me about long-term smoking is building a significant tolerance. I love how high I still get but I fear that eventually my highs will just stop being that good, and even through t-breaks and smoking crazy dank I could become bored or even look for excitement in other drugs. My question is, have you ever become bored with smoking due to your highs not being as good as they once were? I'm currently on a t-break of sorts until I find a new job, and when I can smoke again I'll still only smoke max 4 times a week, but i just worry that tolerance will eventually catch up to me.
  2. Then don't smoke that often? Or if you start to not like it, then just stop. Simple. :wave:

    Oh, and by the way, I smoke it just about every day, and have been for months. I don't really notice any tolerance building, a nice .1-.2 gram bowl still gets me fuckked.
  3. I have smoked about 360/365 days for the last 5 years (+- 10 days). I still get high....its not like when I started smoking weed (about 10 + years ago) but it is still really enjoyable. Also, it is much more manageable (as I can interact w/ people and not worry). I don't smoke significantly more weed per session than previously as I have money restrictions but I find it no more less enjoyable.

  4. thanks man thats good news. Whenever I get really high I still feel kinda cartoonish and spaced out (hard to explain) I don't want to lose that its so damn trippy its great. wish i could be smoking now :(
  5. I have been smoking only dank weed for about two months daily.

    I am to the point where a .5 bowl isnt that strong anymore, and if I want to get faded, it will take about 2-3 bowls or a nice super fat bowl.
  6. Yeah dude, if I feel like getting real high, I'll smoke a fat joint of some regs and do like 5 bong hits in rapid succession. And I'll keep toking.
  7. I have NEVER been bored from smoking marijuana! And I don't think that could ever be possible... hahah like the other guys said I don't get as tripped as that first time but you still get very high and there are thousands of different strains of marijuana that you can always try something new that your body isn't used to for a new high. I used to smoke just on weekends but now I'm in college and I smoke about 6-8 bowls a day, everyday for about a year:smoke: You build up a tolerance but it's not want you think, your body just becomes familiar with it so your more calm and I think the highs are even more enjoyable. Alot of the paranoia and stuff like that disappears so your mind is open and ready to get fucked haha. It sometimes takes a little more to get higher if your smoking straight for weeks but if you take even a full 24 hour break... you' feel good on your next toke:smoke:
  8. This dude. On all kinds of levels. I totally relate.

    Except for the 24 hour break thing.
  9. #9 Dr Cheeba, Oct 3, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 3, 2010
    haha thanks man. Yeah it doesn't work for everyone but usually if I've been smoking for a few weeks straight, I'll stop for a day and the next time I get pretty baked.. but if you can even wait 2 or 3 days you will get super high, I just can never go that long hahah
  10. Yeah dude, smoking everyday is fun stuff. Definitely a great way to live life. :smoke:
  11. yea cheeba, I am always taking those little 24hr breaks. They are nice because the first bowl hits you a bit harder than you expected.
  12. Something that may be worth trying. :cool:
  13. No, just take a tolerance break if that happens. I'm taking one soon myself for a few weeks.
  14. i dont think you really build up a tolerance like you think. unless you go from smokin nice ass bud everyday then smoke some shitty mids. other than that, your high is a little different, but its still fuckin awesome!
  15. Exactly. Weed is weed, as long as I'm getting high I'm having a good time.

    What I love about mary jane.
  16. Ah man I know right... a friend of mine wants me to move to Iowa and live with him, problem is - he only has a Beasters connect. And currently I smoke daily, 3 or so bowls a day (for a few months now), of just about the finest chronic money can buy (for America, anyways). I don't want to move just because I probably won't even be able to get high anymore off of anything besides chronic :eek: :(

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