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  1. first sorry for no caps, but just had hand surgery and typing with one hand.

    next thanks to asked, bestbud, and all the others who have inspired me and helped me along the coir zen path.

    here's the fun question. i have a 400 watt light that i use along with a 600 during the cool season. meaning by mid june i wont use it again until sept, had great success with my first sog considering i had too many different strains of different heights. well, i'll be taking clones march 1 to start another sog my worry is i have four strains to choose from and 2 are new to me. nirvana ice (don't put her down, a fav of mine and my friends), afghani kush x skunk, g13's white widow, and white russian. the white's are new to me and so i don't have a finish time, height idea, or yield.
    so, getting a little low on ice and can count on her giving me 21-28g per plant. the afghani x skunk has monster buds but in mid sized grow gives a fluffier bud but smells fantastic.

    so, the set up will be, 16 plants in 1 gallon grow bags,in a 2x2 square.
    so, all one strain?
    if so what one?
    2, 3, or 4 strains?

    have white russian and white widow growing in large and med plants but by the time they will finish it will be too late to get sog clones going.

    oh, and i plant clones and give roots one week to establish then cut any limbs off and give a week to heal before the flip.

    thanks sorry if rambling

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