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  1. i have a physical later this week, it has been five weeks since the last time i smoked, and i did it about four or five times over two or three months before that, i work out regualary, i was wondering if i should be worried in case i get a ua for football?
  2. its most definitely gone by now so no worries :)
  3. You\'re fine.
  4. working out seems to get it out of your system quicker(as well as keeping your tolerence down). I\'m not sure why it does so, maybe from sweating and always drinking water. But I had a discussion with a lab technition and he said it\'s always harder to catch people with drugs in their system if they work out because they leave their system quicker. After hearing his explanation it seemed to make sense to me.
  5. Here\'s what happens (and if I\'m wrong, someone please correct me. I\'m just doing this off the top of my head, so I don\'t expect to be 100% right about all of the details):

    THC is fat-soluable, meaning you can\'t pee it out like you can with alcohol. Granted, some of it may remain in your bloodstream, but usually is only detectable for about 30 minutes (or so). The majority of it gets stored in your fat cells as it is broken down into another substance (I forget the name).

    When you excersise, you raise your metabolism. The process of converting THC to the other substance happens quicker. This is why eating a lot when you\'re baked sobers you up. Eating also raises your metabolism, but not by nearly as much as excersise.

    Basically, excersise just speeds up the body\'s natural process of getting rid of THC and all the stuff it gets broken down into, as well as your body\'s metabolites that break it down (these metabolites are what drug tests test for...just a natural product of your body, but one that only gets made to break down THC).

    Anyway, for a casual smoker like yourself, you would be clean five weeks after you last smoked whether you excersised or not.
  6. d-day boys...

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