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    Hey guys!

    Well this is my first grow and everything is going fine. Today I noticed something is going on with my babies:

    Please some take a look and let me know what could be.

    Pic 1: Over watering?

    Pic 2: The leaf sides are curving upwards...?

    P 3: This one was always like this don't know what couse it.

    P 4: Look at the tips of the leaf they curve. Over watering?

    P 5: Over watering?

    P 6: Could this yello mark on leaf be heat stress, nutes? What could it be?

    This is day 11. Should I start adding nutes?

    Please help...


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  2. Those plants look pretty good to me, dont feed them nutes for another 2 weeks Id say, atleast 1 more week.And maybe you are overwatering, you gotta let the pot get completley dry, like when you bought it.And then water allowing a 10% run off of excess water. If you continue to top up the water then the plant will suffer and roots wont get oxygen. Water-then dry out fully

    Nice plants tho, dont stress, just let those pots dry out before you water and dont add nutes yet.Usually my soil carries enough nutrients untill flowering, but of course it varies but most people wait till atleast the 21st day(3rd week).

    Peace and Pot,
  3. Did you look at the last picture? It has a yello mark on the side border. Is this normal?

    Thanks for the reply man! :cool:
  4. Nothing looks particularly wrong. Some minor deficiency signs are normal for young plants that can't be nuted yet.

    The wilting can be caused by under or over watering. Also by being rootbound. Also potentially by too little light.
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    Thanks guys! I am a bit paranoid because I have a 600w mh/hps inside a tent and I am worried of heat stress. I keeping constant temp of 90F or less mostly 87F. Trying to lower that before problems occur.

    Please visit my journal for more info and leave a comment.
  6. That temperature needs to be lowered as well. Your plants will not grow well at those temps. Hot outdoor climates tend to do alright because the heat is caused by increased sun intensity.
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    What should be my max temp goal here?

    I am considering buying a 400w lamp and try to sell or give away my new 600w. Would that do a big diference? Would it be worth it to spend the extra out of budget $$?

    I am sad...:(
  8. I can buy a 250w or 400w lamp but, would it make a difference when outside temp in the street and inside the room is around 89F during the day and 81F at night?

    I already have a air cooled hood connected to a high velocity fan. You can see it in my journal.

    Any ideas of approximately how many difference in degrees would I be looking at?

    Would it be a significant difference on my crop?

    Someone who knows better than me please give me your opinion.


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