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  1. I have 3 plants that I started from seeds given to me by a grower friend and planted at different times. One is about 4 months old and about 3.5 ft tall, two others are 2.5 months old and lst'd recently.
    All three have turned out to be ladies :hello:

    They are all beginning to flower and smell amazing to me but I'm afraid that it might get kinda risky in the next couple of months when they really start to bud.

    Are there any green thumbs out there that could give me some possibilities for some plants that might cover the smell? Or maybe have some other alternatives?

    I'm getting kinda stressed out because they're so close and I don't want to see them pulled early.

    Help me out please!

    Here's some pics:


    Lil Lady 1 (lst'd)

    Lil Lady 2 (lst'd)
  2. Quite often I get a whiff of forest smells that remind me of the green. Usually I dismiss these as imposters. Personally I can't recommend a masking agent. I think you've gotta just cross your fingers and hope for the best. Good luck. BTW, nice plants! Reps.
  3. There are none I know of. Only option I see is you moving them to a location where nobody would be able to detect the smell.
    Or as someone else already posted leave them where they're at (that's what I likely would do)

  4. Simple problem with simple solutions...

    Basil, Rosemarry, Tyme, Oregano, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Chives, Cloves, Anise, Fennel, the list goes on and on....I always have multiple herbs growing right near each patch in my garden;) Works wonders and all these plants smell very good too! You can pick these up from any walmart, homedepot, lowes....etc

    Dont be paranoid!
  5. 3 plants wont smell that bad, and if anyone does smell it i highly doubt they can follow it to you. i planted a few plants in my back yard and my parents have a huge lilac bush/tree plant thing that overpowers the smell of my plants completely
  6. most people who dont smoke recognize burning mj but very few know what it smells like green and growing unless they have grown it themselves or been around someone who does.

    i doubt you will have any issues with 3 plants over smell.

  7. I appreciate the feed back and I've thought of using those types of herbs in my gargen (in fact I have a nice Lavender plant but it's not in bloom). I will go down to my nursery in town today.

    The A-F has really started to flower nicely with a lovely "kush-y" aroma since I clipped off her top most leaves. I'll post new pics once there's something new to show.

    Thanks and stay up cats!

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