Worried about seedlings

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  1. I've got two seedlings that have been growing strange since the beginning. One of them fell over and one of it's cotyledon got damaged, it shriveled up and died so I removed it.

    the seedlings are in 1.5" rockwool cubes. watering when they feel light, almost like a dry rockwool cube. temps run between 76-80 degrees, with 50-80% humidity/
    I am using RO water that has been ph corrected to 5.8. not sure if that is what is should be for seedlings.

    so the cotyledons on both the seedlings are yellowing but the true leaves are still green, they are growing pretty slowly, not sure what could cause that but, they are each 10 days old. well anyways here are some pics

    this is the one with only one cotyledon
    the remaining cotyledon is turning yellow, what could cause this, but before the other died they were both turning yellow


    here is the other one, which is the same age as the other one, but is extremely small, the cotyledons stuck straight up on the other seedling too, but they were growing alright so I didn't worry, I was also told not to.


    another angle of the tiny one, notice that the tips of the cotyledons are turning brown almost black, are they dieing?


    any help from anyone would be great, although I am ordering new seeds to give this another try
  2. oh shit, I clicked on the wrong forum, I meant for this to be in the sick plants area, I need to pay attention more, sorry mods but can this be moved

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