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Worried about random DT

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ctruck, May 11, 2016.

  1. Posted a few weeks back but still have another question. Pre-employment passed and have been told by the person over me that they are pretty positive they are going to keep me on. Haven't been late to work, good at my job and get along really well with my new crew. The handbook states that random tests can be done if they decide to. My pre-employment was done at a lab, but I'm worried for some reason that they will do an on-site test. (its not a construction job where I am at different places but it is trade job.) I have smoked for well over ten years now. My intake isn't always the same but between me and my S/O we go through about a eighth a week. I am 6'3 and 150-155 lbs (fluctuates) and my metabolism is fast (can eat a good bit of food daily and wont gain anything) I walk about 5 miles a day at work, don't drink a lot, but I do drink about 4-5 glasses of water daily. I have read mixed discussions regarding usage and metabolism. Should I just decrease my consumption to maybe one bowl a day instead of 2-3? Or just completely quit all together? I have the quickfix ready but unsure if I will have time to heat it if it is an on-site test. If its at the lab, I'm not worried.
  2. Even if you cutback you still can't just pass a test like its nothing. You're doing the right thing by keeping quickfix around. Shit if I had a locker at work thats private I'd even consider keeping it there. I used to keep a batch in my desk at work lol
  3. How about quitting until you find out about how they test? Sounds too simple to me lol
  4. I can carry it around with me daily in my pants cargo pockets, unnoticeable. The only concern I have is if they have the lab come to my work and I don't have enough time to heat it up. I can carry a hand warmer on me and use it if I know they will be there later that day, but if they call me down and say "hey we need you to take a test real quick", well then I'm screwed. lol Are employers required to give you a notice before hand? Or can they simply tell you within less than an hour that it is going to happen? thanks
  5. Seems pretty straight forward to me.
    If you keep smoking theres always a chance that you might test positive. So if you want to be 100% sure that you smoking weed doesnt screw you you should stop smoking.
    If your smoking habits are that important to you that you are willing to risk testing positive and are confident that you could cheat a test at a lab the least you could do is ask a co-worker thats with the company longer what kind of tests they do and base your decison of that.

    I mean its your life and in the end you have to know for yourself wether smoking weed is worth losing your job over to you.
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