Worried about Nitrogen Toxicity.

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  1. Okay so this is my second grow and I have a question but first thing is first
    Name: D
    Tent: 36"x36"80" Helios
    Light: 400w HPS in upper 6" air cooled reflector
    Ducting: 6"
    Exhaust: Topolight 6" 460 cfm
    Fans: 1 clip on fan blowing near light, 1 oscillating fan with tent open because summer heat with no ac.
    Medium: FFOF soil
    Pots: 3 gallon fabric
    H2O: kroger purified
    Plants: 4x unknown genetics (seeds from a friend)
    Rh: 50% with lights on 60% when off
    Temp: 72°F with lights off 80°F with lights on.
    Nutrients: FF tiger bloom and General Organics CaMg+
    Feeding: 1/2 tsp of each nutrient per gallon. 2 gallons water divided by 4 plants. Every 4 waterings.
    General watering: every 2-4 days waiting until medium is almost fully dry.
    Ph: unknown second grow (I know i need to start) but ph of water should be around 6.8
    I am at day 27 of flower. Now call me a worried gardener but I think I see burnt tips, darker than normal foliage, and some clawing tips, plus red petioles. My question is of diagnoses nature. Does my plant have a Nitrogen Toxicity? I fed them FF Grow Big at 1/4 tsp per gallon during veg. received_2188093914650872.jpeg received_1247962475381080.jpeg received_493716811439729.jpeg received_359308378352855.jpeg received_825034621226182.jpeg received_1032161427174391.jpeg received_465463930959851.jpeg Overall they look pretty healthy but those burnt tips and petioles are giving me a hard time. Does she look too dark? Thank you for your thoughts and opinions! :)
  2. The bottom pic shows clear signs of minor nute burn, and those leaves are too dark imo. So yes back off the feed I would run some plain ph water through them check run off get in range. I had a plant that I over fertilized last grow, it will destroy yield so I'd get right on it.
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  3. Okay. Should I run a heavy flush, or a light one? I need to get a ph pen to test water and runoff. Also the last time I grew I didnt have a problem with water wicking back in after watering. Could that be part of the problem this time around in your opinion?
  4. If your plants are wicking run off back in then that is likely the problem. Run off will be full of salts that will cause nute burn.
    Is that what's happening?
    Anyway I don't grow in soil so know that first lol. But I would flush 3× the pot volume and get that run off out of there.
    You should not have to ph your water with ffof but it will not hurt to do it and if it was mine I probably would
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  5. Yes they are wicking back in. I'll get some pans to help reduce wicking. And perform the flush asap.
  6. You got to raise your containers up so they don't sit in it, a couple bricks anything. I would bet this is the root of your problem.
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  7. Will do. Thank you again for your advice. I'll use all of that info and post results back here in a couple of weeks.
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  8. No problem bro . The nute burn is not bad but that extra N can hurt yields badly you probably won't need anymore this grow
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  9. So is there a P and K blend out there with almost 0 N that you know of/recommend?
  10. Canna PK 13/14

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