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Worried about my drug test?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by amase711, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Ok so here's the issue.......last time I smoked was on January 12th then 2 days after that I had received an interview from Walmart to interview with them on the 24th. Now I haven't smoked anything since the 12th which gives me 11 full days of non-smokage and prior to the 12th the last time I had smoked anything was on the 23rd of December (20 days) and b4 that it had been months?! issue is that I'm worried that I will not pass the drug test that I took on the 24th for Walmart?!.......I'm 5'9 188lbs and I have a pretty fast metabolism. All I drink is water, all the time, I don't drink anything else.....matter of fact the only other thing I've drank in these 11 days is beer?!.......and on the day of interviewing and the drug test I woke up early to pull off the dilution method for the drug test later on but I only used water and b12 vitamins?! No aspirin....... My piss came out very clearish looking, very light yellow to it........I'm super worried, but what's y'all opinion? Do y'all think I'll pass????Sent from my Nexus 7 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. Buy a home drug testing kit from a pharmacy and see for yourself.
  3. Just go back to smoking weed & get some Quickfix for your drug test
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    Just smoke the herb at this point. It is what it is. Take advice of first poster (prior to 'doing' first statement).
    Exercise!, Exercise! especially if you are a slim dude than you would work it out of your system really quickly. THC is stored in fat cells :)
  5. I actually passed the drug test!!!!! Off 11 days of just beer and water!!!!......thanks to all that responded. Your words provided hope.Roll it Up, Smoke it up!!!!!
  6. [quote name="foxforcefive" post="19407680" timestamp="1390709717"]Buy a home drug testing kit from a pharmacy and see for yourself.[/quote]Nothing beats this answer. Lamo Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. Lol  congrats, although I do not think it was because of the beer and water haha, more like your prior usage
  8. [quote name="WeedMongerer" post="19467963" timestamp="1391578509"]Lol congrats, although I do not think it was because of the beer and water haha, more like your prior usage[/quote]Thank you.....and yeah I know ur right, lol.........I couldn't help panicking over that 1 time tho.......never again?! 😑🚬😇Roll it Up, Smoke it up!!!!!
  9. Yeah Ive had to take 2 drug tests. 1 i was super nervous and 1 i knew i was in the clear but its never easy to believe that... but its always fkn shitty worrying about those lame tests
  10. if you excersise and drink plenty of water youll be fine. i mean jog in the morning and also at night, THC is store in your fat.

    once i was in a drug program, i was drug free for 3 months, smoked a blunt, and it got out of my system in 2 days.
    But if your smoke constantly, that buildup of THC takes 3-4 weeks to sweat out your fat

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