Worried about my dick.

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  1. I'm so blazed I know I shouldn't be making this thread right now but like the thread title says, I'm worried about my cock. Specifically my erection quality. Only serious replies please...

    My question for you guys is, when you watch porn, can you get your dick 10/10 erection by just watching the porn and not jacking off or do you definitely have to stroke it in order to get a full boner?

    I feel like porn doesn't turn me on much anymore. I can get like a 5/10 boner with a few strokes but I feel like I only get 10/10 erection right before I cum. I'm healthy as fuck so idk why the problem is.

    Please respond.
  2. You probably just watch too much porn, it's losing it's appeal.
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    Cut down on masturbating/porn watching.
  4. That could be it. I haven't jacked off in 2 days and I'm just going to stop altogether. I just don't feel very turned on by porn at all anymore. I was at a strip club a few months back and this stripper was giving me a Lapdance and I still wasn't fully hard.. Just a nice chubby. Of course I was drinking too.
  5. Try watching gay porn might help.
  6. I want to be able to get fully hard real easily just by looking at a hot girl while I follow her. Recommend any natural/safe herbs? I'm hoping quitting porn completely and not jerking off will help bcuz I need boners on demand...
  7. Stop both watching porn and masturbating all together for a little while. Then, when you start masturbating again do it without the porn.

    I love porn, but that shit can fuck with your sex life if you're not careful and use it too much.
  8. You do infact build a tolerance to masturbation.

    Kottonmouth Kings
  9. Stop watching porn and only masturbate like twice a week at most.
  10. Dude u need to smell pheromones u need another person he body knows it faking,

    Gotta be a reaction to bring around estrogen or just body's mang

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  11. what
    OP, future sex offender? 
  13. Wtf. Are you a rapist? Calm down man.

    Lay off the porn. Have some real sex.
  14. Step 1 - Google: Top ten foods to increase libido

    Step 2 - Google: How to increase blood flow

    Step 3 - No porn. You must learn to control your arousal. Not let your arousal control you. You can start watching porn again once you can get fully erect with out it.

    Step 4 - Kegals/Reverse kegals

    Step 5 - Quality erections

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  15. Take cold showers op , you'll get used to it
  16. Dude u gotta stop the porn. I thought porn was the dopest shit ever until I was set to lose my virginity and I could Not get hard.
    U dnt wanna go thru that man.

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  17. As others have stated, "stop touching your little guy."

    No touchy!
  18. I'll leave this here.
  19. I haven't been able to get rock hard without stimulation since I started having sex regularly. 
  20. Doesn't sound like the problem is your dick bro. It's your brain. There is a disconnect in there somewhere. I think you need to see a shrink. Haha, shrink lol

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