Worried about my babies - NEED HELP/ADVICE

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by grassy haze, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Seems my leaves are curling under a bit, any idea what could be causing this? :(

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  2. Is looks like it COULD be over watered, do u have efficient drainage? What's it in as in soil pots are u feeding nutes yet?
  3. My drainage is good, I was thinking over watered too or possibly heat stress. But my temps are pretty stable. If you look at my journal linked in my signature you can see that I'm using mg with time released nutes. Keep in mind before you get on me for using the miracle grow, that this is an experiment for the mg soil to see how the buds come out.
  4. the small plants do not need much water at all, it could very easily be over watering, be careful when watering lil ones

    i gave mine the same size as that( about 3-4 inches and starting 3rd true leaf set) 1/2 cup each....it was too much next time 1/3 a cup each
  5. I did notice burn but didn't say because it looks more like over watering to me.

    Feed them when the soil is litterally bone dry at the top 3-4 inches of soil, weed plants love a bit of dry and will tell you by drooping when she is too dry then u just water an 20 mins later back up she pops. Try to see what the plants are telling you not what u think the plant needs, it takes a while but u will get it right soon enough :)
  6. Also the drying out of the container will promote roots going deeper looking for moisture, even overwatering in a free draining medium will make the root system lazy, and wont support the top of the plant too well

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