Worried about MEPS drug test

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Will I pass the MEPS drug test?

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  1. I know there are hundreds of these posts on here but am still looking for a little reassurance.

    I am 6ft 3in and 205 lbs male. Less than 10% body fat with a fairly quick metabolism.
    I recently decided to enlist in the military and quit smoking as soon as I decided to enlist and met with a recruiter, and with no intention of ever smoking again. I was a pretty heavy smoker prior to that, taking 4-6 bong hits a day. That was over six weeks ago. Last week on 8-22-17 I went to MEPS and did their piss test after not smoking for 42 days. I was feeling confident until I was peeing in that cup.

    In the 6 weeks prior to MEPS I had not smoked, was running around 20+ miles a week, pretty active as it is, staying extremely hydrated, and eating healthy with plenty of vitamins. I also bought a Quickscreen home drug test a week before going to MEPS and passed with a pretty solid line with the dirtiest pee I could manage.
    At MEPS I did not use my first void of the day and pissed a few times all while drinking lots of water before the drug test.
    Again I know there are lots of posts on here about this same thing I just want to hear other people's opinion on this situation.
  2. You should be fine.
  3. you're good.. you can also go to dollar tree and grab some thc tests there. I believe they are like most urinalysis where they detect to 50 ng. This is what I did when I was preparing for a drug test.. took a bunch of them lol.. miss smoking
  4. Thank you guys. I am just a little paranoid is all. THC tests won't help me now though, I already took the drug test, and I took a home test before the official one and passed the home test. Still just paranoid

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