Worried about long term effects from pesticides & chemicals in street weed?

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    I live in south FL and Its hard for me to "know my grower" but the stuff I've been getting for years is really high grade & potent, never mids or regs. Since I dont live in a medical state I'm guessing most street weed even though its a high quality is still sprayed with all types of pesticides and chemicals.

    Are you guys who buy street weed and don't know who grows it worried about the long term effects from the pesticides and chemicals? And do you think vaporizing even helps?
    I couldn't find any info on chemicals in weed increasing cancer risk. I wish I knew this years ago, I would have moved or started growing.
  2. no worries man......I know stoners who are over 80 who have smoked nothing BUT street weed for all their lives and they are fine and kickin...>

    I mean daily heavy smokers, smoking over an oz a week
  3. nothing you get in street weed without paying more for it, will never be as bad for you as what they put in cigs
  4. What makes you think just because its "medical" its pesticide and chemical free?

    I doubt there is much in top shelf bud, but I'm sure different batches vary

    Only way to know for sure is grow it yourself, organically
  5. Organic FTW
    The taste and overall appearance is noticeably greater.
  6. Just because you get high grade stuff doesn't mean it's safe. Most profit growers, including dispensaries in medical states, don't flush or cure because the time and effort it takes would eat into profits. Profit seeking can also lead people to do weird shit like spraying god-knows-what onto the plants hoping to increase yield. If you want something done right, there's only one way to get it done...
  7. If anything you got it backwards. A street grower is growing nowhere NEAR as many plants as someone selling to a dispensary. Besides every grower wants their bud to be the best. Why would they spray shit on their buds that would make them potentially lose customers?
  8. Also, there are dispensaries that get their bud lab tested not only for THC content, but for pesticides and microscopic molds as well and they publish those findings. I wish more dispensaries would do this. Yeah, it raises the cost of doing business, but they also charge a bit more, and I am more than willing to spend a bit more knowing, that at least for the most part, my bud is pretty clean.
  9. I have no idea why, I only know that no matter how stupid something is, there are people out there doing it (remember Planking?). Why trust someone else when you can only know with 100% certainty what's in it when doing it yourself?

  10. Chemicals etc., are typically cheeper than the organic, "good for you", stuff. and its not like they can't lie and say it's all organic anyway...

    the only real way to make sure your shit is straight is to grow it yourself.
  11. A grower does what a grower has to do. If they get bugs there are only 2 ways to get rid of the bugs. 1) spray the bugs with something that kills them. 2) remove their food source (your pot) and wait for them to die or move on. Most likely #1 is what a cash cropper would do if faced with a mite infestation or something.

    Only one way to know for sure and I can tell ya, if feels good to know for sure ;)

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