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  1. I hope I'm not talking too much out of my ass here, since I'm definitely no expert. But a thought just occurred to me right now (surprising, right?). Anyways, I've been seeing more and more concern about the radiation levels in the Pacific Ocean due to the radiated water that's leaking from the Fukashima nuclear power plants in Japan (see: http://thetruthwins.com/archives/36-signs-the-media-is-lying-to-you-about-how-radiation-from-fukushima-is-affecting-the-west-coast). I'm not sure where kelp meal is harvested from but if it's harvested from the pacific ocean, then shouldn't we be worried a bit about using kelp meal in the future?

  2. i observed that a lot of the packaging for kelp (in grocery stores) read: harvested in korea, however i think the labelling has changed. it's still labelled organic, it seems unlikely there will be screening for this issue. I was reading about this and it had to do with barium from the decay of cesium. eventually these two metals well be degraded, well it look's the same issue with kelp all along with metals abundace in the sea. Maybe
  3. That's pretty interesting. I hear that Kudzu is a good replacement for Kelp and may even be better than Kelp.
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    Acadian Seaplants, the largest harvester of kelp meal in the world, harvests using sustainable methods in the North Atlantic along the coast of Maine and up into Nova Scotia and further north into Canada. They have long term 15-20 year leases with the governments.

    I've been reading the last few days about their methods, which truly are sustainable. The coastline is graphed off into areas which are only harvested in timed increments and the plants are left at a certain height to be able to continue growing - really cool. This way no areas are cut too low and left barren.

    There are some nice articles on their website if you poke around.



  5. Very nice, I definitely like to hear that they're in the Atlantic. It's nice to see an intelligent company that isn't trying to ring their source dry.
  6. do we have to worry about radioactive ice cream ,since kelp is used there also!?
  7. I would say yes, if that kelp is coming from the pacific ocean...I wouldn't be surprised if the cancer rates started rising on the west coast in the next few years
  8. No worries, I think we're scheduled to slide off into the ocean before then.
  9. Its been a long time Jerry... Good to see your still around. 
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    the Fukushima disaster released 5.5 percent of what Chernobyl released. you guys realize how many nukes have been exploded in the Pacific Ocean? Probably more danger from the heavy metals. This issue has been hyped to death.MjEdit: not saying it wasn't really bad its just not the doomsday its made out to be.
  11. Yea but Chernobyl released it into the ground and you still will die if you go in the forest there...Fukushima released it directly into the ocean and continuously releasing it into the ocean and there's no way to stabilize it. No one can even get near enough to even attempt to fix it
  12. PS I'm not saying that it's doomsday, but I wouldn't rule out the possibility that if it keeps leaking radioactive runoff into the ocean that it is going to fuck up a lot of stuff. I for one probably am never going to go in the Pacific Ocean again, maybe that's me overreacting a bit but at the same time, if the radioactivity levels keep rising then it could be harmful to your health.

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