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Worried about a drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Italia5239, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. So tomorrow I have to go off to a clinic to take a urine test, and I didn't see this coming. I figured working for walmart they might just swab my mouth. Anyway, it's probably been about one or two weeks since I smoked. I know that it's stored in your fatty cells, and in that case I'm pretty lucky I guess.

    When I did smoke, I smoked about one bowl a day, and then quit pretty recently when I figured I would be trying to get a job.

    I'm 6'0, 185LBs and about 15% body fat. I drink a ton of water, but I know that just dilutes it, and won't remove it all together from testing. I work out every day, and run on the treadmill, along with intensive mass gain training. What are the chances that I will actually pass this test? Will drinking some tea, that I have around the house, that's pretty much a natural insides cleaner help the outcome any?

    I don't have any money or time to run out to a store and get a system flush or anything like that, so what can I do?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. you will pass, don't worry.

    just piss before you go and drink water that day
  3. Honestly I don't think you'll pass it if you smoked regularly. What I would do is drink a shit ton of water before the test, that way it dilutes it and you may get to take it again, or you could even pass. I drank about a gallon of water before a drug test, but it was considered diluted, but it depends on whos conducting the test I suppose. If you can, smuggle some clean piss in.
  4. Already thought about smuggling some clean piss in, but I just moved to a new town, and the only person I know lives across the hall from me, and is way too straight edge to ever piss for me. I will do the whole water idea, and hope to god that works, because I think it's just about all the hope I have right now.
  5. Ask them if they can reschedule because you're too high to take the test.
  6. you should be golden. Drink a lot of water so you are very hydrated. Piss a little in the toilet before you piss in the cup, the first stuff is more likely to have thc in it than the middle.
  7. ^ not sure htat makes sense to me, isnt it all in your bladder so its pretty much all the same ?
  8. I have heard that all the sediment goes to the front, so I will definitely remember to try that.

    All I pretty much drink is liquor and water, so I should hopefully be alright. :hello:

    Thanks for all the advice guys. Anyone else have any other suggestions?

    I plan on hitting the gym for a good three hours tomorrow morning before I go to take the test, and try and sweat out every last bit that I can. I usually drop about three pounds a day from water weight during my training. Hopefully the last little bit of THC will drip out of my forehead!
  9. Let us know how it went!
  10. Well between all the anxiety I was going through, and the massive amount of water I have consumed recently, things went pretty good all things considering.

    I went in, tried to pee, couldn't. Got some water, tried again, couldn't. Cute nurse and I flirt, tell her I have a narrow urethra, she's like "rly?!" I'm like "no."

    40 minutes later, I try to stand up in the lobby, and my lower abdomin hurts so bad that I had to hunch to the bathroom the third time, and filled the cup to the very top, and pissed for the other three minutes in the toilet.

    Piss wasn't completely clear, so it shouldn't be considered deluted.

    Today I ran 4 miles before the test, so hopefully I sweated out every bit of THC left in my system.

    I'll know by thursday if I passed or not.
  11. Good luck bro,

    I just got an interview at farm fresh tomorrow and I dont know if they will drug test in the next week or so.

    But I put on my sweatpants and a hoody and a few layers underneath went for a 3 mile run in my neighborhood, sweated my dick off then came home ate and pulled my bike and went for a ride with all my sweaty clothes and sweated some more.

    Im 5'11 160, lean and muscular so hopefully ill be in the clear when and if the time comes to excrete my golden shower into a cup.
  12. not trying to worry you, but ive read exercising a week before the drug test isnt a good idea. youre supposed to eat fatty foods to seal the thc inside, instead of pissing it out during the test. not sure how accurate that information is, but good luck. sounds like youre real skinny and drink a lot of water though, neither of which can hurt you in this case!
  13. Well fuck if you drop 3 pounds a day I'm betting you most definitely passed this test.
  14. if its been 2 weeks then ur prolly okay.

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