worped perple shoots

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  1. I have 3 outdoor plots about 15 cubic feet of good neutral soil each. My strains are Holland hope and Topp 44 also one Bag seed (unknown) two plots have two plants and one has 1 plant. I've been using Schultz 10 15 10 a bit of Liquid earth Flourish, Grow, and Vigor. Folier feeding with half solution twice a week. Flushing every other week. My Ph is between 6.5 and 7.1 The plants are about 3.5 feet - 6 feet tall and just starting to flower. The temps have been between 75 and 88 with about 50 - 90 % himidity. I have also used 7 for pests 3xtimes sence May 10 th.
    Im having a problem with the biggest plant and one of the smalerones .. They seem to be freezing up turning purple on the stems and on the new shoots, also distorted, slow growth. Burnt leaf tips but not curled? Anybody have any ideas as too what the problem could be.
  2. I would need photos for sure, but check the links at the top of this thread for diagrams on problems.
    Sounds like you could be over feeding.
  3. it's not overfert.... i have done that before and its not the same... I will try an get some picks,

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