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Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, May 6, 2004.

  1. The worn out keys on my keyboard in order of the most worn out.


    this truely baffels me, why "t" is the most worn out for example.

    the shinyest part of my keyboard is

    lol dr, i think i get that, and a and e.

    and after readin this post, it is odvious t is a very commonly used letter.

    also, i just had to tell somebody this, and unfortunatly, you guys got it.
  2. you must not type DRY AS WET very much then! :p thanks for sharing!
  3. or maybe, in my sleep i come over and go


    you never know.

    or maybe i type, sad we try

    r we sad? ty
    (short hand lol)
  4. maybe there was defective paint on those keys. return it immediatly.
  5. I painted over all the keys on my keyboard one time. All the letters were blue, the numbers and F keys and everything else was either black or grey. I remember one time I asked my dad to help me with some network problems we were having on my computer. He took one look at my keyboard and flipped a nut.... he was all "DAMNIT! why can't you have a NORMAL fucking keyboard like NORMAL people! I can't type with this SHIT! Come get me when you find a keyboard that I can actually fucking USE!!!" I almost pissed my pants laughing. I mean, common, who flips out over a keyboard?
  6. haha this reminds me of somethin in elementary school. The keyboards for the school computers were weird, like you could rip out the keys. So me and some friends took out all the letters and rearranged them in a different order. haha it was so funny, people were typing stuff and different letters were coming out and they were all like, what the hell? haha it was jokes.
  7. the paint isnt worn out on my keys, but the keys them selves, the bumps in the pasitc at the bottem where you type its going smooth lol.

  8. lol yeah that's weird how our fingers, over time, can remove those bumps, just by touching them... :D

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