Worn Away... another poem by Cottons

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by IGotTheCottons, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. In the coldness I sit -
    Alone... Afraid.

    In the darkness it comes...
    What is it?
    But a chance to be further -
    Worn away...

    And which way is there to go?
    And what hope is there?

    Let it show!

    Let it show me where my future lies!
    Where to find a way
    Through the cries!
    Where to find the path
    Chosen for me...

    Why can't this be?...

    Why can't this be?...

    Why can't it be that my way be chosen
    That the way for me is painted clear?

    But I stare.

    Stare to the mirror shattered -
    At eyes so frozen, gazing back.

    In the coldness I sit...
    Alone... Afraid...

    What is it?

    A chance to be further...
    Worn away.

    comments are welcome. lemme know what ya think :D
  2. I like this Cottons! It's got a darker side that seems to jump out at ya. Great work my friend.
  3. Cottons, ya sure do gots da gift mon! Ya know once the Muses call there's NO turnin back...Ya gotta write then! Sooooo frum what I see here, ya better get ready ta do some writtin, my friend! This rememberry's me about the "eye of the storm" you were talkin about before. darkness-hope-light-darkness. I like it!
    Da"Post Some More, Mon"Captn

    here'an "Image" ta use with that piece ifin ya wants it...
  4. thank you both for those good words. my writer's block is still in full force... but every now and then something good comes along. it's like i can feel what i want to say, but i can't put it into words. this is something i shall be working on in the future. wish me luck :D

    Edit: that image is beautiful cap'n. i look at it and it reminds me of what i was feeling when i wrote the poem. do you think you could make it bigger and put the poem (transluscently) in the background?

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