Worms in soil?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ian7321, May 19, 2006.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has put worms in their soil? And if so did it have a good effect?
  2. Haven't done it, and there has been some discussion of this idea here. Generally worms are very beneficial for soil, mostly for aerating. Their waste is great fertilizer, but you can't put enough worms in a grow pot to add that much.

    However, I stop short of advising you to get worms from outside and dumping them into your soil, the worms could have parasites or bacteria that could introduce big problems.
  3. From what I have read I would not recommen introducing live worms to your soil. Spend a few bucks and buy "clean" worm crap... :D
  4. Worm castings vs. worms = two different considerations, two different potential benefits.
  5. Well it was raining for the past week here in Indiana, and so a shit ton of worms were on the top of the soil, so I got about 15 of them and tossed them in my 2 gallon with my 3 inch plant. I really dont care if the plant dies(it is just some bagseed) but I just want to see if there is a difference in my other plant on how fast it grows and flowers.
  6. If you have the luxury we are all for experimenting. Report back, inquiring minds want to know.

    Again, the worms themselves should be only beneficial as they will aerate the soil. They will not generate enough castings to make a difference. The potential problem is any hitchhikers they may bring along.
  7. With my soil mixture i make sure i get some earthworms in my soil, they keep the soil nice and tilled as they go thru the soil.

    But hey what do i know :)
  8. I was wondering, if the soil completely dries out do the worms die?
  9. I would think that they would. because worms need mostiture to survive in my experience. Also, if the soil dried out they wouldnt be able to move/eat through it bc it would be very hard.
  10. You know a lot!

    Do you bring in worms from outside or get them from some other source? Again I agree that the worms themselves are beneficial but cautious about introducing parasites they may be carrying.
  11. Well just so everyone knows I am pretty much pulling all the donts into my grow. I am using some fertilzers sticks, have miracle gro soil(though it is an all organic type for tomotoes), I am also using diluted urine. And right now for the past week the plant is healthy and growing at a great rate.

    I will make a grow journal and try to keep everyone updated. Next grow I am going to be using one of each of the above methods and going to see what plants last and what dont, and how they turn out ect.
  12. a agree with all but the sticks.... hope that works for you, they have been known to kill the plants in weeks, but i dont think it will for an established plant.

    As for my worms, yes comes from outside when it take my god given soil from outside for my soil mix i use. Never had Parasite problems
  13. HIGH All, *LOL* you guys are so funny.....bet the worms love the GN when it grows above 1000 eh Dier.....ahhhh but then again maybe you forgot to tell everyone it's just the organic soil you have worms in....so funny.

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