Worm eating plant?

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  1. I have 4 outdoor plants that are pretty large, I’ve noticed a ton of small holes starting to appear on them but never seen anything that seemed intrusive.. until today. I found these green small worms all over 1 of the plants. Not sure if the worms are causing it though because I can only find them on 1 plant. Anyways here’s a few pictures of the worms and holes. If anybody can help me out i would greatly appreciate it. Something is destroying my plants by eating them. The 1st picture is of 2 of the green worms. The rest are just pictures of some of the damage.

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  2. Some kind of looper I'd say
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  3. Where are those birds when you need them the most ??
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  4. Ya i see those green caterpillar things. BY thuricide should take care of that.

    Maybe Neem would knockem both out hmfph

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  5. Yea, they do look like they could be.
  6. So does everyone think that it is those green worms/loopers/caterpillars or whatever causing all that damage?
  7. I would say so!

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  8. Bud worms AKA western tobacco moth larva. AKA caterpillars.
    BT once a week every week right up to the day of harvest.
    Sold as Dipel, BT, Thuricide. "bacillus Thuringiensis"
    Minimum mix ratio 1 tablespoon per gallon
    This is the one I've used for over 5 years.
    Running a bug zapper nearby helps limit the moths that are the trouble in the first place.
    You are still going to have some damage as a few will have already gotten in to deep to be reached. BT is a biological agent and the caterpillar has to eat some treated leaf to be affected.
    Better late then never. I've seen what an untreated grow can turn into. Lost my first big grow to the little bastards.
    You likely should be spraying Green Cure once a week as well for the inevitable Powdery Mildew.
    Minimum mix ratio 1 tablespoon per gallon

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  9. [​IMG]
    Caterpillar damage will show mid to late flower as the larva get big enough to cut whole buds loose at the base and the sun bakes them
    Whole top cut free on this one. And this is even with spraying. If I miss a week or even not I'll still have a few spots of damage. Pull the dead bit out and most times you can find the caterpillar in the hole.

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  10. None of plants are in flowering yet.. would I still have this problem if I got rid of the visible ones before then.
  11. I'm still waiting for a picture of a "worm eating plant" I didn't know cannabis plants could do that.
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  12. IMG_20190726_180015.jpg Spinosad kills them too. Omri listed. I spray this stuff and neem oil through a Hudson fog. Battling a few thrips still, but the caterpillars seem pretty decimated. Will bring in ladybugs for flower time.
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  13. No, or not much.
    I had a plant so infested that when I pinched a leaf between my thumb and finger and pulled I would find 2-3 catties. I could do that on every leaf. By the time I sprayed twice I could not find any catties. The plant flowered and turned out just fine.
    I start from the bottom and spray upward towards the top, then fog from the top down. They like to hide on the bottom side of the leaves.
    Once they flower it's kinda after the fact. You can knock a dent in the problem, but you will lose a good bit of the crop.
    They eat their way into the buds and it's hard to get to them. Also, they shit where they eat. Shit and dead plant material will mold. And there's nothing you can do with it but throw it away. Even if you could kill the ones inside the buds, they left all their shit behind. It's a lose-lose. Eradicate well before flower. Then keep it that way.
    I use BT and Spinosad. I try to wait till I can cull the males, but sometimes I can't get away with it that long. But I spray through the entire grow season, veg & flower.
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  14. The deeper in flower and the more they smell the more they attract the moths. One goes hand in hand with the other. Start spraying tonight and once a week till harvest.
    Once you get the routine established it's not a big deal to keep the little fuckers under control. Part of growing outside. We get free light but it comes at a cost.

    My bug zapper has been working overtime since Mid May. Moths are laying eggs in your plants every night. You'll have caterpillars of all sizes by now from the ones you can find down to nearly invisible ones just a fraction of an inch long
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  15. I just found my 1st damn worms. Found multiple on one plant. Got off what I found which was about 5 or 6 on one plant. It was in a grow bag. Going to spray fist thing in the AM with the Garden Safe Brand Neem Oil. From what I have been reading, this could of been prevented if I had sprayed early and often. It seems to be only one plant out of many and I guess I'll begin spraying to kill what may be left.
  16. We don't spray neem oil deep in flower as it can leave a funky taste on the buds.
    BT is the best option as it is soon destroyed by sunlight and only acts on Caterpillars leaving all your predatory insects alive.


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    What is BT? Thanks for the advice. Never mind.. got a picture and zoomed in and going to go and get some #rightnow

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