Worm castings?

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  1. Hey guys,
    I got some worm castings and want to top dress soil with them, but I'm not due to water for a couple days. Can I top dress with ewc without watering them in? Or should I wait u till next watering? I'm 4 1/2 weeks into flower
  2. Earth Worm Casting tea is a good option. You can still rub in some up top while you wait, it won't do a whole lot until you water, but if you want to get good microbial action in your soil, a tea will really help.

    Bubble (fish tank bubbler) a few handfuls of EWC's in a sock or some kind of porous bag or cloth, in a 5 gln pail. Toss some unsulphured molasses (100ml-200ml or so) or 6-8 TBSP's of fish emulsion in there, and in about 24 hrs you should have a nice healthy microbial stew going on, typically very bubbly/foamy.
    Water with that tea, good stuff for your plants.
    You can do the same with compost as well. Very good for microbial inoculation.

    I often make teas with both castings and compost.
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  3. I
    I don't have a fish tank bubbler
  4. They aren't expensive.........Pheno...you can use like an Airstone right? I have an airstone.......
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  5. just topdressing it without watering it in isn't going to do much good. you can wait until you water next or as mentioned above an etc tea could be very beneficial. and since you say you have a couple days until you are due watering it give you the time to make it.
    after you make the tea and use it for watering, you can take the remaining leftover etc "sludge" and still topdress it and water it in with the tea, or toss it in your compost pile or trash.
    Also if you have any kelp meal you can add it to the tea also.
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  6. yes, you can use air stones
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  7. that are fairly inexpensive but you can get away without one. just do the same thing just stir the bucket a few times over the 2 days or so. strip as much as you want, but at least try to give it a few stires at least
  8. Kelp....that's what I forgot to mention. Good stuff.

    Anything that aerates the water I suppose, keeps it moving. The microbes in EWC/compost tea are actually activated by the aeration.

    You may have heard of AACT, it stands for Aerobically Activated Compost Tea

    When it stagnates, anaerobic microbes take over. The ones that are toxic, smell like poop, or vomit, or dirty socks.

    I think you can heat water up and 'cook' it but I have never taken that approach. You'd have to check into that.

    My bubbler was $19 on Amazon, came with two airlines, two stones. It has been running solid for 8 months now, one airline in my 68L Rubbermaid and one line in the 5 gallon pail I use for teas, always bubbling regardless.

    Good to have either way. Helps bubble chlorine gas from tap water, and keeps the water oxygenated. I let all my water containers bubble for at least 24 hrs before watering with them.
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