Worm Castings & Crab Meal

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  1. I was wondering if I can use both of these soil additives at the same time? I have some plants with Castings and some with the Crab Meal and it seems the ones with the Castings are doing better and now I would like to add Castings to all of them. Thanks.

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  2. By all means, use both. Castings can be used as up to 30% of your total soil volume, and crab meal used at 1 cup per cubic foot. Check out the soil recipe in the no-till thread:
    No-Till Gardening: Revisited

    Many no-tillers consider vermicomposting to be a central part of their operation.
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  3. Yes, of course!

    Practically all my top dressings are mixed with a handful of fresh VC to kickstart the breakdown process. Not a lot is needed, just enough to kinda coat whatever is being top dressed. This is my own VC, I have no experience with bagged stuff.

    With the soil mixes, with my own VC, 10% is about the upper limit as they are just so dense. Anything over 15% just turns the mix to mud.

    Is this bagged EWC, or, do you have a bin(s) going? There is a world of difference between homegrown and bagged/store bought.

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  4. Sweet. Thanks!
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  5. Awesome. I appreciate it!
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