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does bud size increse thc??

  1. no thc is in the genetics

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  2. u get more thc n a bigger bud

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  3. the bud size dose not change the ammount of thc

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  4. thc is set at genetics

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  1. HI all seems the o ver grow has ceased and the buds are starting inta the bulking stage..... ta have a close up view at the 29th day in bud.... we zoom in on one of the organic berries and well come see ....
    a longer video this week but well worth the wait ;)
    peace in the pipe .......

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  2. Are you talking about volume of THC or potency of THC?

    The more plant mass you have, the more volume of THC a plant will produce.
  3. i agree poppa, bigger bud, more thc, simple.
  4. i disagree eg.if you got a bag of weed and you smoke a larger bud out of it, and then go back and smoke a smaller bud later on...its the same shit..its not gonna get u any more stoned than the larger bud for the same amount smoked.

    its set in the genetics i believe....
  5. I thought like, if you harvest in the morning the THC glands are more open and have more potency. Its all how you grow it. You can ahve the same plant genetically and grow one with a good light setup and the other with say "fluros". The one with a better setup will have more thc. The size of the bud dosnt matter. Its all about the glands man. Dont compact your bud in the bowl or smash it, cause it will close the glands up and ou wont get as stoned. I read this in a overgrow article.

    But I could be wrong. sid help! you usually know about this stuff!

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