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  1. I recently ordered from Worldwideseeds and received my 20 seeds very quickly and discreetly, BUT none of them were any good! I had two different breeds, 10 each. I tried germinatiing the way I have been doing it for 20+ years and nothing happened after 12 days with the first 2 seeds. Then I tried the method that WWSeeds showed on there site, which really isn't any big difference. Nothing! So , I contacted them a few times and they replied with the stupidest responses, like I shouldn't have used distilled bottled water and I shouldn't pre-soak them for a day. All of these things they wrote back were really not addressing the real problem. Something happened to these seeds..either they were very, very old, they had been frozen at some point, or they got zapped going through Customs with some radiation thingy. And that is what I would like to get some feedback on...Has anyone experienced anything like this recently with orders coming acrossed a countries border. I remember after 9/11 and the Anthrax being mailed, there was a quite a bit of talk about putting some devices in that could zapp mail and it would kill all things Biological and I assume it would kill anything organic with a life of some sort. I am very concerned that I will not have time or money to re-order. I would like to warn people though that WorldWideSeeds is really lousy with there customer satisfaction. They do not want to hear from you if you have a problem!
  2. Thank you for your post about WWW seeds. And I am sorry for your troubles. Look at some of the recommendations in my Seedbank thread below and you will be directed to some seed sources that won't treat you bad.

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