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  1. ORDERED 3-7
    SHIPPED 3-9
    RECEIVED 3-11

    Everything in perfect condition! they sent the original wrapping also! sorry i think that kinda shit is rare anymore

    2x big bang Greenhouse
    2x NL5 haze mist Greenhouse
    2x Red diesel Barneys farm
    2x Super lemon haze Greenhouse
    1x Great white shark Greenhouse
    1x Strawberry Haze

    Cant wait to check out that lemon haze and red diesel!!!
    This was my first time going through a seed bank and i know how nervous i was, just wanted to let you guys know about my experience!

  2. what country do you live in? i was thinking about ordering some soon however its hard to find a reputable site that will ship to the states
  3. midwest united states...oh i wouldnt reccomend the more expensive shipping mines in 3 days

    :smoke: ILL SMOKE TO THAT
  4. thanks man, i'll deffinatly give them a shot once i get around to building a grow box
  5. I put 5 into germ...all 5 popped within 24 hours!:hello:

    cant wait to give a super lemonhaze smoke report :smoke:
  6. Did you get the original breeders pack?
  7. Yup, thats why it suprised me a pick n mix site would include that
  8. lost my order throgh them last week. they say cause i didnt pay the extra 3 bucks for shipping is why i didn recieve them. they offered to reship with 35 % off, but they way i look at it is i done lost 300 bucks and didnt get anything so why lose anymore. i went some where else. BEWARE !!!
  9. yeah if your making an order that large i would go with the registered mail

    unfortunately customs is a bitch....what else can the seed banks do if they send the pack and it gets intercepted

    you know theres a 100 kids that got there packs screaming they didnt receive so they can get some freebies, messing it up for all of us

    sorry just venting lol:wave:
  10. well iam not a kid and i have the letter to prove i didnt recieve it. i dont like doing the regestered mail thing cause if they catch it and let it go through with a bug on it then when you sign for it they come for it and you, cause they know exactly when you recieved it and who recieved it. I think if they are going to be in business doing this then they need to learn what works and dont to make sure they have happy customers and that will return for more instead of seen what happens or just flat screwing you. no problrm vent all you want just letting everyone know how these people work and they can figure out for themselfs if they want to risk it with this company..

    money dont grow on TREES !!!!


  11. damn got a love letter huh? yeah customs is crucial on international registered mail...i say fuck that guarentee...and go with the normal mail

    oh yeah i made another order 3 days ago...lets see when it gets here!!

  12. doughboy, what day did you place your order? mine went down thursday afternoon, ~3pm central time.

    ill race ya!
  13. Whassup amoril? i dont mean to brag, but i win lol

    just checked my po box and got a suprise!!!:hello:

    i only received a piece of the breeders pack this time...but they got my exact order once again

    i feel bad for people not getting there orders, but damn there shipping and service has been top notch for my last 2 orders

    good luck amoril hope to hear from you in a day or two:wave:
  14. lmao, i cant compete with that.....
  15. Hello All...
    I read up and researched a lot on the 'ole GC forums and went with this bank cause of good reviews and they are the only one i found (so far) that will do single seeds. Ordered on 3/19, shipped on 3/23, and received today, 3/28. 1xWW(fem), and 1xChurch(fem). Very good service, and GREAT stealth....James Bond 007 kinda stealthy...these guys got it going on. Now I gotta get them going....LOL
    But that is another thread
    :bongin:To All....

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  16. good to hear, i was plannin on orderin a few feminized seeds from there. :hello:

  17. what it very stealth?
    also u pay using pre paid visa?
  18. i ordered from them on the 25 and sent cash i havent heard anything from them yet.

  20. I think he asked if it was stealth or not, not the actual packaging procedure which wouldnt be smart to post

    Yes i was satisfied with the stealth factor, id give it a 8/10


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