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  1. hello everyone i am looking for any info on worldwide marijuana are they dependable? has anyone ever purchased seeds from them? im looking to start an auto flowering micro grow and like there 1 seed purchase policy. any info would be greatly appreciated thank you
  2. Yea I usually get my gear from them. They are reliable and have fast shipping. I would highly recommend using them.
  3. I would watch out im not sure but i think they are related to Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds which will take you for every penny.
  4. I just got my gear in the mail today and I've ordered from the 2 times so far. I live in the Midwest and I ordered it last Monday. They were pretty fast and no cracked seeds.
  5. There's no such site. Do you mean The Single Seed Centre / Worldwide Marijuana Seeds?
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    The single seed centre Be carefull READING FEEDBACK THAY ONLY LEAVE ON GOOD FEEDBACK and remove any bad.. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: been told lots of lost seeds or maybe not even shiped .. some times i think that write there own feedback.. order 11/16/2011 still no show..will update if thay do.............
  7. 268, did you ever get your order? was just checking out there site, and came to GC looking for feedback. thanks.
  8. Did not get my beens.................. I stay away from single seed cente.......... thay rip me off.........

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