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  1. Have you ever just sat back and observed everything around you? so many things interacting with eachother, effecting everything around them, in such complex ways. everything effects everything else, this amazing harmony in which everything lives is such a mind blowing concept, seeing the world from the perpectives of other people, and other things makes you think about what the universe really is, we build the universe we live in by what we see everyday, but outside of that, it is completely different.
  2. oh yeah, totally..

  3. IF Stephen Hawking is correct then we not only have worlds within worlds but universes within universes.
  4. yeah, I know exactly what you mean.

    I aprecciate it when I smoke ALONE.
  5. well, i was gonna make a new trhead, but I think this fits in here.

    This one time, I toked like two blocks away from school and on my way back, i was watching everything as if it were a videogame, like a grand theft auto or something, very very real, i mean, I remember seeing two ants passing in front of me, and thought of them as if some videogame programmer put them there for a reason................and a lot of details like that.

    that was pretty fun, ,
  6. Why is it whenever i sit back. maybe with a phat bowlful of pa's finest, i look back on my day, or maybe once in a while, like today, new years day that we see things clearly for just a second- we have lived an entire life full of examples - we may ignore our own simple reality & blissfully forget the world around us... it is no doubt that we are all interconnected in this life and any past or future. after looking back at yourself, after stripping away all these material things of the 21st century we all are simply children of the one mother, all over the world we kill ourselves for petty treasures whenever we can only possess what was given to us by the creator...
  7. Yeah famous theory :

    "Imagine i clap my hands and thousands of galaxies are destroyed"
  8. Most people diss Cahos as something that is bad, I don't know why but they do. I think Chaos is somewhat a wrong word for the thing that is uncontrollable and unpredictable, 'cos that is what the universe is about.
  9. ahh, a mate of mine has a really good book on this subject that i'm gonna borrow sometime.

    this is a feild i LOVE!

    ah chaos and the production of infinate possabilities. infinate dimensions beyond our comprehension, for the most part, because all we can see are the closest ones that spawned from the most closely similar results from the events that shape the future.

    i'm often unsure about this though. although i'm only an amatuer scientist (heehee), it seems as though (in my limited understanding) that quantum mechanic theories could contradict this.

    but more worryingly will be the advent of Quantum Computers (prototype less than 2 years away!)...
    what if we start tearing bits out of these dimensions without realising that we are only tearing bits out of our futures and the futures of the nearest dimensions around us... we could collapse the very nature of spacetime and all that lay beyond!

    perhaps a bit too HG Wellls. i'm not normally such a sci-fi scare monger... honest.
  10. but think about it... how can you contain the universe... we use the words "vast" and "big" to describe the universe, but in reality we cannot use these words because the universe is something that cannot be measured... it isn't quantitative (sp?)... i find it so hard to grasp because everything i've ever associated myself with has some sort of measurement to it, whether it be liters, pounds, or meters, but the universe is forever... or is it?
  11. Universe is expanding all the time in every direction due to the explosions of stars etc. the big bang is still going on, you can measure some parts of it by something called the red shift, it's possible because the light can be used as a measurement how bright and what color it is. But instead of universe I'm keen on the Dark Matter, wich is space and has created the cicumstances where the big bag happened.
  12. what I've always wondered..if the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into? I mean, what is the empty space that the universe takes up as it expands?
  13. damn right hempress... i've always wondered that... what existed before the bigbang?? my physics teacher said "nothing" but what exactly is nothing... it can't be like dark... it is more "nothing" than "dark" is... thats fucked up i can't even begin to imagine what exactly exists aside from this universe?? what is this universe?? are we just a part of an atom...?? i mean that would be fucked up to know that we are just a bit of an atom in some other universe... which in turn is a bit of an atom in another... and that we ourselves contain a kajillion universes within our body... shit....
  14. Like I said space have "born" from dark matter wich is actualy anti-matter, and that's where the universe is expanding to. It's called anti-matter 'cos there's nothing you can compare it to and it really isn't matter but it's the stuff that "creates" planets etc. Imagine if you could have that "stuff" packed into an glass box. It's pretty weird but is somehow impoldes in itself and cause such dramatic explosions that materia is born out of it I don't know how it actually happens but that's kind in the right way.
  15. dang i love this thread.
    thankyou greenleaf.
    ugeman... stop trying to add a value or number to something you realise is unquantifyiable to us and just think of it as a concept... however you visualise or think of it in your head, u cannot really think about what lies beyond. if u start with space time as a single concept you see that for light to travel beyond is impossable because to do so would be to create more space time. And your physiscs teacher was either scared to get into the really crazy theoretical stuff, or trying to just give the simple answer, or he was simply a narrow minded fool. ...Personaly i beleive we exist as part of a great network of a Cyclic Multiverse. so this in itself would explain both in terms of spacial extremes and dimensional extremes, with time being just something that is caused inherently by the nature of space time both here and withing the gaps that act as a cushony spongy glue between "universes" (singleverse? monoverse?) that all single verses (such as our own) will at one point become.

    there are more dimensions that exist than that which we can perceive. From every atom (every tiniest sub atomic particle actually... and that could potentially go right down the line to the 'universes in an atom' concepts), in an infinate* number of angles, each and every possable conceivable time (i'm talking shorter time periods than a femto-second) there are soooooooo many varioations and possabilities each giving rise to another dimension in the chaos.. ... hello chaos theory, i knew i was getting to you soon. :)

    *im breaking my own rule for infinity by using the term in such a way. this is not true infinity. true infinity cannot be created or contained as a measurement of anything. not angle, not space, not number of possablilities. true infinity is, for lack of a better way of describing it, EVERYTHING. true infinity consumes all. i think that's a topic for another thread though.
  16. Space and universe shouldn't be explained in terms of measurement cos it just makes thing even harder to understand, there's atoms in space just like in hear but in space there's like kilometres between the atoms (well at least that's what some people say). I think that "universe" is roundish eclipse, no physical walls but something like wals that prevent people to travel to "other universes". But all this talk about paralel universe and Altirnateverses wich are different variations of the universe where we are is just pointless and shows the isolation wich people feel being the only creature in the world capable of emotions and creative thinking (well you can teach tricks to dogs and monkeys but you can't get them to ponder why are they thinking about thinking).

  17. I was thinking that exact same thing when i saw that movie. I must have spent a good 5-6 days siting in a corner talking to myself, awake, thinking of the possibility that every time i throw a rock, kick over a bottle, or eat a hamburger I'm destroying an entire universe full of inteligent beings. And the fact that i may as well be inside a marble myself, waiting hoplessly to be destroyed by a greatter being with out it even noticing.

  18. I have spent many nights lying awake thinking of this. And thats assuming that the universe is open. If the universe is closed and is going to expand and eventually collapse back on itself, what is the space that it collapses out of? how does all the matter in the universe collapse into an infinitly small point? That question will royally fuck you up if you think about it too much :eek:

  19. hee hee hee . . . ^_^
  20. It is really hard to think of time as an endless line. I remember watching some theories of the universe special on TLC or the Discovery Channel and a lot of scientists said that the universe has simple been exploding, expanding, colapsing, and exploding for an infinite amount of time. Just imagine if this were true.... How many different species of beings there were. All the technologies... all the knowledge that took these beings millions of years to obtain... Gone forever and now we are just starting back at zero, as they did and so many before them did.
    I personally believe this theory to be the most reasonable. I don't think time can be measured. I think everything gets set back to zero at some point.

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