worlds tallest woman...dead?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by HolyxXCrapp, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. First they crucify Jesus

    And now THIS!?!?
  2. I guess she just GREW weary of life.

    Bah hah hah..
  3. hmm i wonder if there is a link between her death and the dead samsquanch them georgia boys found

    their both 7'7
  4. + rep
  5. poor thing. at least she wasn't in some sideshow and was using her "disability" i guess you could say, for good.
  6. yeah man she was a good one.

  7. for sure. the world could use more people like her. not nessisarily tall people but people that don't wine about their problems and do something about them.
  8. -rep for putting their instead of they're

    jk i didnt do that.:)
  9. Sad. She lives about 30 minutes from here though. My parents told me she is one of the easiest going and polite ladies you will ever meet in your life.
  10. This is sad to hear. I'm sure she was a nice lady, and I do have a thing for taller women...but she sort of looks like Andre the Giant wearing drag.

  11. +rep

    Very sad to hear, and she sounds like a very nice person, but that was fucking epic.

  12. RIP Sandy Allen.

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