Worlds Smallest CoCo Clone!?!?!? Smaller then a penny.

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  1. Well, yesterday while trying to move this tiny new growth on the bottom of my plant towards light and it snapped leaving me with a 3 set of leaves on a stem altogether being smaller then a penny.Its stem is basically not even visible. I decided to expirement and see if i could clone with it . I was SURE it would be dried up by this morning. well i guess not! :rolleyes: the plant is looking better then it did when it was on the bottom of my new clone master bubble.
    I used mad farmer rooting gel, regular tap water and a humidity dome. 70% coco/30%perlite.

    i am shocked to see it still alive. :eek: Now my question is this the smallest clone ever!?!?! i tried looking up for any journal with a cutting off a newly developed growth. Well i couldnt find any. So here for shits n giggles check it out, its name is wilfred hahaha . Update will come. Hopefully she survives :hello:

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  2. OMFG thats awesome man. Id have called it lofty tho lol. You have my attention now anyway B)

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  3. wilfred!!! hahaha yesss hmmm wilfreds lookin good today next too 2 new bag seed! purple platinum bubba :} and either or gsc,underdog og,or maybe og idk !hmmmm tonight ill post an updater on wilfred
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  5. OMG she really is tiny eh lol.

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  6. What happened to the clone???

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