World's oldest marijuana

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  1. i actually saw this a little while ago, pretty crazy..

    i smoked a two year old joint once...
  2. god, i dont wanna read the whole article but bro imagine if its perfectly preserved. one hit of that would probably put you in a coma lol

    The oldest i've had was a jar i found in my uncles basement that he brought over from nocal 11 years ago. but this was like... 6 years ago. lol

  3. "If marijuana aged like wine, pot users might now be in heaven. But the weed had decomposed over the years, so no one would feel any effects if they smoked the artifact today" - the last line of the article:smoke:
  4. yeah well i said i didnt wanna read it all :p and i thought it did though when preserved? atleast everyone on this forumn thinks that letting it sit in a jar makes it better. lol
  5. i know you didnt read it all, thats why i posted that lol.
    im pretty sure thats only matters right after harvest.
  6. Yeah, theres a difference between curing and sitting in a clay pot for nearly 3000 years lol
  7. I wonder if the young people in 2700 BC thought that their weed was better than the stuff their parents' generation smoked when they were young. :hello:
  8. Before I read that last line I was gonna say.....

    "Then they spent 10 months getting the cannabis from the tomb in China to a secret lab in England. Finally, the team put the stash through “microscopic botanical analysis” including carbon dating and genetic analysis, and discovered the stash was really pot."

    I bet they just smoked it from the pipe laying there instead of having to make up this tall tale of scientific studies to see if it's really pot :smoke:

    Hahaha they probably had an ancient Woodstock festival with their harps and rocks too
  9. Haha, it was 4 paragraphs man... But yeah, if it was preserved I would definitely roll some of that shit up:smoke:.
  10. interesting ... good find
  11. I remember this one time I went to visit my pops in California and had just bought a fresh quarter of some doody snickelfritz. I wasn't down to try and smuggle it with me on board the plane so I stuck it behind a dresser for the time being. I spent about a month there and came back and forgot about the weed for another week or so. After I remembered and found it I proceeded to smoke for the first time in over a month. It might have been the T-break but I was definitely on cloud 9 after a bowl pack. Maybe letting it sit for a while helped to cure it more and help bring out the flavors and intensify it..... I dunno, maybe it was all psychological....
  12. Dude. I dont understand what your saying. But I have an itch on my leg and its a bouncin around! I dont know what the hell its doing?! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!
  13. this guy is trippin^
  14. i smoked 12 year old bud from my dads old stash i found when i was 9 i smoked about 2 to 3 grams and i was vomiting for hours.
  15. Fuck research, that's would've been toked up right in that tomb...shit.
  16. lol the first comment "I’m glad the author of this made sure to inform us no one could smoke it today. Appreciate that info – change of plans." but thats pretty cool
  17. piiiiiiiiiiiics???????????
  18. I would smoke it

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