World's first genetically modified humans born...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tripace, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. This might not seem entirely political in nature, but I certainly think it fits, all I can say, is WTF????

    World's first GM babies born | Mail Online


    Creepy, very creepy...
  2. I'd like them to be watched and make sure they don't just sling their jizz around carelessly. But at the same time I don't have a problem with this.
  3. I dont like this at all..
  4. People who can't have kids should adopt orphans. Not create genetically modified babies that could potentially create more people who have problems reproducing.
  5. That's quite impressive.
  6. pretty awesome if you ask me!
  7. Who cares? You're a peanut farmer.
  8. I wonder if theyll ever evolve like The Mariner from water-world were the guy was born with gills and can swim under water forever :p
  9. We could create pokemon

  10. I agree.. Science is fucking awesome.
  11. That is so genetist. Shame on you.
  12. Inb4 the regular humans become extinct by the new super humans
  13. Those who worry about things like this are nothin' but a bunch of luddites. If anything they didn't go far enough, they should be making unborn children that will be stronger and smarter than average people, and make them healthier by altering genes that make them susceptible to disease. To hell with all this"we mustn't toy with nature" crap, if we didn't toy around with nature we'd still be living in mud huts and dyeing from a case of the sniffles. Transhumanism is the future, and experiments likes these are nothing but a good thing.
  14. Peanuts or not, Fucking with the human genome and creating gentically modified humans is bound to create some kind of problems.... I mean its just not natural.
  15. you can blame humans for all the radiation and carcinogens we're exposed to, no need to go creating superhumans.

    Its all the garbage thats in the food we eat, the beauty products, hygeine products EVERYTHING pretty much has something terrible for you in it.

    If our gov't would regulate what the fuck goes in our food and all the other shit we're exposed to or people start taking care of themselves we wouldnt need any of this. But then no one would be making billions.... thats the problem.
  16. "It is a further and very worrying step down the wrong road for humanity"

    about sums it up.
  17. Thats pretty fucked up, although this could be positive I'm sure there are many negative implications involved that should have been properly looked into before introducing something like this into the gene pool. Progress trap at its finest.
  18. Now my kids will have to ask if their potential mate was genetically modified. At least I would, I don't want cyclops babies or something cray going on lol.
  19. Anybody ever watch Gattaca?
  20. They should be allowed to continue experimenting christian morality should not interfere with science. If the United States doesn't allow this kind of research China and Russia will.

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