Worlds Biggest Little City

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BenBong, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. Hey all, new to the forums as well as Reno, just figured id check in, maybe meet some fellow enthusiasts.
  2. welcome to the city :wave:
  3. Thanks, Great site with lots of info
  4. yeah and an okay community

    i kid i kid, a great community

  5. Welcome to the city.

  6. Welcome brotha cuz :p But yes you will learn A LOT and meet some great peeps here!
  7. Welcome to Reno dood... where you come from?
  8. Ive jumped around between a small town in nor call about 45 minutes over the border from reno and northern utah for the last few years
  9. Nice to meet you, Reno seems like a nice city, the weather out there is so nice. Makes me wonder why I grind out the winters here in MI
  10. Yeah it seems decent enough, growing up right over the border means i know my way around alright. My custom urban assault/dirt jumper bike got stolen already though. a bit livid about that. But i did find a pretty bomb connect.

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