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    I purchased these seeds from World Wide Marijuana Seeds,

    1 - Lowlife Auto. Blue Berry Feminized
    1 - Ch9 Humboldt Feminized
    1 - Ceres Skunk Feminized

    The plan was to germ and only grow the lowlife seed first, but while at work the paper towel I had it in to germ dried out and so did the seed...:cry:

    So as mad as I was, I went ahead and put the Humboldt and Skunk to germ, and watched the water this time :) Both germinated successfully and were planted in regular topsoil and potting soil mixture.

    At first they were growing great, but then soon ran into problems, the topsoil and potting soil mix was killing my baby's :mad:
    The plants had P and K Deficiency plus I'm sure the PH was way off due to the high amount of peat moss in the mix. They were starting to yellow, spot, etc...I had no other choice as this was the best Soil I can get locally. I didn't want my high dollar investments to die so I ordered Fox Farm Ocean forest Soil. Did a transplant and they have sprouted back to life :metal:

    The pictures are of the original murderess soil mix at first, with two 26 watt 65k cfl bulbs, at this point they were just sprouted. The pictures then progress to my current set-up:

    Lighting - 150w HPS (Flower) - 2 26w 65K cfl (Veg)
    Soil - Fox Farm Ocean Forest
    Nutes - None right now. Fox Farm Grow Big and Tiger Bloom.
    Filtered Water

    I've read that HPS lighting is the best when it comes to Flowering/Budding due to how it triggers hormones in the plant because of its orange/reddish color, so I will put up the CFL's again on an 24HR cycle, while they veg. When I decide to flower I will turn on the 150 HPS. Saves money too. :smoking:

    Plants are currently 2 weeks old. Looking better and better each day...I love my Bitc*'s!!!

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  2. I set up my lights to best suit my plants during there veg. state.
    I will have:

    Two 26W 65K CFL's = 200 watts
    One 65W 27K "HUGE" CFL= 300 watts

    Total of 500W of CFL power :ey:. I figured that the plant can benefit from both the blue end of the spectrum and the red, because naturally its the closest in my opinion. The lights will be on 24/0 and LST will be ongoing. As soon as the plants look ready, I will remove the CFL's and switch to 12/12 with a 150W HPS for Flowering.


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  3. Nice so far. Only 110ish watts. Should be enough to veg tho. Main number that counts is lumens.
  4. Update.

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  5. Two 26W 65K CFL's = 52 watts
    One 65W 27K "HUGE" CFL= 65 watts

    You are sure these bulbs are daylight right? And they look a little far away, CFLs should be maybe a little closer IMO.. Someone with more experience would be able to tell you though.
  6. ok cool :) thnx for clearing it up...Yeah there are 2 daylight CFL bulbs and one bigger soft white CFL,, try to mix the red/blue, a little of both worlds :D don't know if that's bad or not but seems like it wouldn't hurt mixing the spectrum.

    Good thing you mentioned the distance I was also wondering how close they can really be until burning starts, didn't want to risk it.

    Will post updated pics tomorrow....WEEK 3!!!!! :yay:
  7. So i was looking through my subscriptions, what happend man? Did they die? You stop updating? What man? Lol closing on a month since ur last update if your still there let us know how there doin.

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