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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Chilly, May 22, 2010.

  1. In the UK we vote every 4 years to let one group of people run the country, Even then our system doesnt work. Lib Dems got 30% of the votes - but only 1/8th of the seats in parliment.

    Its obviously flawed - as is every system of voting. (cos bush won - didnt he?)

    So I wanted to ask everyones opinions:

    Why have different groups with different opinions battling it out to countrol a country for 4 years at a time?

    Is it not possible to have a voting system, through TV, Internet and touch screen points in populated areas - where you log in with your NI number (or whatever your countrys eqivilant) to vote on every single issue political issue.

    For example - should our country be in Iraq?

    Log into system, read about the issue - vote 'yes' - 'no' - 'maybe' - total up the populations thoughts. go with the majority. No goverment choice. No politians personal agendas.

    And the beauty of it - you only get to vote if you pay into your countrys econmics. Making everyone want to work there butts off.

    Surely the technology is there to put every issue in the hands of the people. Wether your left, right or in the closet - your opinion counts. And if everyone votes against you, tough luck!

    It could even work on localised issues,

    Its just that I for one, am sick of having to choose one group to run a whole country for 4 years. Listening to promises and watching them be broken is the biggest depression in my life. No one sideis right, and every issue is different. Why not inform the poeple, then let them choose?

    Can anyone see a flaw in the system?
  2. What makes you think that form of voting wont be flawed as well? Someone has to oversee the votes and ultimately control the entire system. Our current system (speaking for america) has its flaws, but its because of the people in power that abuse and rape our system for the benefits, and leave the general population to deal with the waste of our republic gone fascism.
  3. I think I havent really conveyed what I meant very well

    *stop smoking splifs and typing chilly* hehehehe

    The voting system would be computerised - i.e. youd just log back in and see a pie chart of how everyone voted. Then the people in government would implement the vote outcome - and if they didnt, they get the sack.
    You'd be able to see - plain as day. No one wants war, but were going to war...
    Then you could directly see with facts and figures - which people in power are out for there own gains and not working for the people.

    There wouldnt be people in charge making descisions - just implementing them, for better for better or worse.

    I fully agree with your comment - its the people in power that fuck things. Ive just been trying to think of a system where there is no people in power. If everything went wrong, we'd have no one to blame but ourselves...
  4. At least youre trying to come up with something! more than most other people who are trying to overindulge in materialism. The problem is that whoever is implementing the decisions has to be trustworthy, and the entire new government would be based around a computer system, which no doubt could be compromised by many different ways. In our current system, the american population has forgotten that the government is an institution derived from US, and that we have all the influence if we actually voiced our opinion. Instead we all suckle on the tit of big government while they steal our individual liberties.
  5. Thanks man, I suppose although it is a rehash of greek democracy with a technological edge it still needs those people implementing them... and there lies the problem. Ill need to think this one through!

    And I fully agree - I sometimes feel everyone (worldwide) has forgotten that THEY run the countries, not the politians... Thats exactly what I want to address

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