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  1. We arent the first civilisation and wont be the last but im sure we are one of the most divided. Take a look at the world and think deeply about how many problems there are going on. Now think why are most of these problems happening, in my opinion its all money, greed and power. how can we be spending billions on trying to find out whats in space when we still cant figure out how to live peacefully on our own planet, we have corporations giving politicians millions so tgey can have their puppets in goverment and continue to profit from the poor people being extorted.
    please post your thoughts even if you disagree as i feel it is our duty to take care of earth and all its inhabitants but at tgis pace we are goin to do the exact opposite

    Watch The Trews if your ready to do something!

    Noob Grower any Advice is Welcome

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  2. Idk what problems you think we have, but I assure you they are not new problems

    The poor are better off now than ever before. Thank gos we aren't slaves or serfs

    A world wide Communist revolution will bbe the last mistake humans.make...

  3. I'm not saying we need a communist revolution, im saying we need to slowly start dissolving goverments, teach people to live without money and realise that we are meant to be living peacefully. Saying poor people are better off now than ever before just shows that we are getting to comfortable being poor whilst we make millions and millions for the people that run the show. The system is failing and soon it will collapse as all previous civilisations in the past that were based on currency have fallen.
  4. This really hit me hard because this is exactly how I feel. We should be fixing our own backyard first and foremost.

    Now theyre talking about living on Mars and blah blah blah! WTF! Why? So we can destroy that too?! If we were meant to be in Mars, doesnt anyone think why were we not there before?
    Doesnt anyone think, If we are so called humanitarians and care for the human race so much then why arent we feeding, helping and housing the sick, the elderly and the poor instead of spending so much hardworking taxpayers dollars on a stupid spaceship that does fck all but fly into places where it shouldnt be. If a comet or whatever is gonna come flying out of the fking sky onto earth then its meant to be. Besides this world is not gonna last forever so why not make it comfortable for ALL! Why not let EVERYONE enjoy a peaceful life?
    Why are we always at War? (No finger pointing plz because as far as Im concerned we are ALL to blame.) Dont we ALL deserve much needed Peace?
    In my opinion, we think we are doing something good. Truth is, very few of us are. But most of us not. Sadly. And its the dogs that we let climb to the top who laughing all the way to the bank with our hard earned money.
    This is NOT living. This is just existing.

  5. Alot of people are starting to wake up and realise we're all living in hell,

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  6. Why are the problems happening you say? Religion drives and has driven it all. since basically humans existed
  7. Cant blame religion. Blame the human race.
  8. And who created religion? The human race
  9. Religion is completely the opposite of what happened in early years and what is going on today. So blame the human race who HIDE behind Religion.
  10. uh. ok. changes nothing.
  11. Remember remember the 5th of November...where nothing ever happens because we are too scared to go to jail and lose our shitty jobs to pay for our shitty houses! once people stop caring about materialistic stuff then change will happen.

    I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather,not screaming in terror like his passengers
  12. If world wide revolution didn't happen during the sixties then it will never happen.
    and basically the sixties was the beta test run. Now you better believe the rich and powerful have the game on lock. 
    Any group that can make a slight difference is going to be infiltrated and discredited before it steps out of bed.
    It's all too easy for them at this point.
  13. There's a few people I know that would drop everything, change will come in the next 5 years
  14. Why can't it happen, we just need people to wake up and realize they're living in a little bubble, we don't need any groups or anything we just need people to wake up and from there it unfolds. Humans have revolted against the system when it wasn't working before as 👆👆 said people are too scared of leaving a job cuz they've been taught work is how to survive and buy the "pretty things" in life
  15. Whispers of revolution blow in the wind, people are getting more upset. Strikes, protests, revolts...
    Your world wide revolution might happen sooner than you think, when it does, it will be bloody many many people will die. We may not even acheive anything, and lives might be meaninglessly lost.
    You can be sure that people will try, but can you be sure you will be happy with the outcome?
  16. If you overthrow the government the extremists with the biggest guns will take over society.
    and who wants to live under a bunch of redneck right wing militias and privatized mercenary groups?
    Or under a bunch of Leftist loony-tune, anti-libertarian, lovers of all things governmental control freaks. 
    [hint: both extremes have an equal history of providing horror]
  18. Everyones scattered around everywhere so population is equal around the earth, take away money cause moneys just so the rich have the power and everybody in your town puts in the same amount of time for food, health, etc. for a town of 1000 you would probably only have to work one day a week if the hours are shared equally

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  19. we need everybody on the same page for it to work

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  20. Yo free earth! Thank you for this thread...and let me just say I'm a believer in this world wide revolt...we are not only divided by actual lines on maps or even just borders.we are divided by race,income,age groups and allot of other stupid shit that you can imagine on your own......the point is.......

    We can all agree on allot of fucked up things happening or not happening....the thing is how are we supposed to change it???.
    Like its been said, most people are scared and honestly a little comfortable with lifes situation right now...they will not just leave work...not because its the only way to get nice materialistic stuff......but because its the only way to pay for food,bills,transportation,WEED! allot of people may be living paycheck to paycheck and still are not phased by world revolt.......because people won't unite for any reason......its odd but that's how its been worked into us over the course of the universe.we choose to live divided because wo can't get along.

    4example...I mean it only takes like 50people to do a BIG smash and grab at a walmart...destroying and stealing everything you could.sticking/uniting in groups of 5 or more. The company will lose thousands! And what will happen??? Nothing at all...they will order new tvs and xboxs and the employees WILL receive their checks.......and its hard enough to get 50people to balls up and cooperate for like 10min on one imagine trying to get the whole world on the same page.....its hard.

    As I said I do believe, but certain circumstances have to be met before the world falls into chaos....and I wouldn't call it chaos...the dark ages were bad...but they brought new ideas,knowledge. And out of the chaos came a new order...
    The order we currently see is the remanence of that order,like a spider web it holds onto that idea spinning together, untill the whisper of revolution in the wind destroys the web, we call society.


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