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  1. No power nothing works.....anymore and no chance of it ever working again
    Yes or no
    Personally I would love it....If you want to live you gotta work only the strong survive.

    Fuck NO.. Thats stupid. You have been watching to much "Revolution" on T.V.
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  4. No... only the ones who think they'd survive would want that
  5. The only one's who will survive are the ones who suspected this would happen so they wrap up their electronics/anything else important in tinfoil and use it during the apocalypse. 
  6. Faraday Cage
  7. Ha ha gotta love you tender foots......just think no police helicoptors to find your for your food no obesity people will start being human again Its what this earth needs
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    As much as people like to romanticize a time before the rush and whirl of modern life, think about the hardships humanity in general would face in a no tech age..... We would essentially go back to living in the conditions of the 1800's
    Electric water pumps would not work until we figured out a gravity or pressure fed system in our homes. 
    Cars would not work, drastically altering the way we travel. 
    Same goes for modern refrigeration. Food would spoil much, much quicker
    Without modern technology, our medical systems and means of staying healthy would be much more primitive
    Manufacturing bases would be weakened to the point of breaking
    Riots would ensue in the streets, killing millions across the globe
    Since we would have no infrastructure, anarchy reigns for the first few weeks. Gun ownership would become a necessity for those looking to protect their possessions and loved ones from harm. 
    No more modern grocery stores. You would have to grow your own crops, and protect them from those looking to seize/ raid your fields
    Life would continue on, but only in isolated pockets, since long distance travel would now be not nearly as easy as it is today. 
    Sewage systems would fail. Thousands die from unclean water and infections in the first world if they cannot find the right medicine to treat it (pharmacies would be the first places hit by looting if people are smart)
    Good thing I have access to a very isolated property here in the Blue Ridge. Easily defendable location, where I wouldnt have to rely on city water or other modern amenities. 
    I'd bug out there ASAP as soon as the EMP hit, grabbing supplies along the route (I live a minutes run from a pharmacy) 
    But in short, no. It would not be quite as awesome as you think it would be, given how much our society and infrastructure depends on modern tech/ electricity 
  9. Primitivism, no. Public land and left-libertarian values, yes. Globalisation and total integration is key to the reawakening of what we feel has been lost to modernisation - technological isolation would bring out all the worst aspects of human competitiveness all over again i.e. nationalism and a return to basic agriculture. Plus billions would die. 
  10. Steelhound56.. you sound concerned about losing some of the pepple natural selection would have gotten rid of long ago..

    As far as I am concerned, I wouldn't be here today without modern medicine.. If that's how it was meant to be, so be it.. Count your blessings everyday.

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  11. yes just cause people rely on technology too much including my self, so i think it would be cool just see everyone freak out, alot of people are too lazy now adays and want everything done the fastest easyest, cheapest way possible
    Indeed. I'm not overly concerned, but modern chemotherapy and radiation therapy saved my life about 6 years ago.
    Like I said, people would be lost, and many would die from seemingly small things until society readjusts to the more primitive age.
    A nasty cut was practically a death sentence in the Civil War Era. I mean, even with no tech, we could still culture penicillin and other antibiotics, but they would not be nearly as available as they are now. And the people that had it could extort the hell out of people for access to it. 
    People tend to romanticize earlier periods quite a bit because life seemed simpler and easier before our technological explosion of the past 40 years.
    In reality, people did not live nearly as comfortably in the 40's and 50's as people tend to think.
    It was a more stable time, sure. But that is more of an economic debate rather than a sociological one like this thread is entailing. Manufacturing in America was still going very strong up to around 20 years ago, but even then we were seeing the signs of decay. That's where the whole romanticism comes from in my experience. You didnt really need a college education to live well back then. Now it seems like it's almost a requirement, but even that is debatable. 
  13. Well many of my family lived thru very rough I am Native American my grandfather sold Ice for a living. And was a aunt has the knowledge of natral medicines and has been teaching me roots and flowers such as golden rod has  antibiotics in it sage is great when your stuffed up there are many many plants that we as humans have been using for years before modren meds have made us dependant upon manmade crap.
    we could easliy live off the land its just that most of you are very young and havent even taped a song off the radio......just download your music and put it on your ipads.
    Man even I of 43 years remember cartoons only came on sat morning and mabey sunday night at 6 wide world of days anything you want it instant.....heck there are even seeds now you can plant seed to harvest in 60 days you have not to bad weed.
    today even my own family are seperated by ipods and tvs in evert room....texting instead of talking.
    EMP happens.............the communitys like mine will stop fighting about small crap like someone didnt like my status on facebook  and they get out there and help others in need. People will start relying on each other again 
  14. world wide hemp imo
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    is this for real? lol
    Imagine the world without power, imagine hospitals without power for a start..
  16. Are you kidding?  My Vaporizer wouldn't work anymore.
    The horror.
  17. We'd die. No gas, no water, air conditioning. 
    I LIVE IN MIAMI! Do you know how humid it is, and how much hotter it will get in July/August? Yeah, I'll just put one to the temple and see what this Heaven thing people keep raving about is all...about. 
  18. What would I do without grasscity?
  19. have to figure out the weed growing game on yer own

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