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World weed prices

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by wenahaone, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. dank is 40-50 in northern oregon and always forty in southern oregon.

    Hawaii can be both realllly cheap or realllly expensive depending on who you know. This high school teacher that I got a ride from while hitching said he paid 400 an O, while my employer paid 200.

    oh, and in central montana I paid 60 for brick weed. I think it's usually cheaper, though. later on I found a hook that could apparently could hook me up with "chron" for fifty, but didn't buy since I was about to go back to oregon with my buddy who was arriving with an o of oregon dank.

  2. houstone up in this bitch lol....holla at me boy
  3. Here in West Virginia it's $30 for an 1/8, 35 if it's good. 60 for a quarter, 80-90 for a half, 140-180 for a big O.

    there you go, world prices.
  5. In Romania the base price is the equivalent of 20$ per gram. The problem is that there is no selection here. So you can get the shwaggiest of schwag or the dankest of dank for the same price. No price difference. And you rarely find dealers who are constantly bringing in high quality stuff. Yesterday i had some faboulous Big Buddha Cheese and today i find myself with small nugs that look pretty good but have like 5 or 6 seeds in them each.:(
  6. I am Smoking all Kinds of Kushes here in Toronto, Canada. The Real AAA and AAAA Bc high Grade is 300 oz. That is all I smoke!!!
  7. In London it's
    10£ -1.6 of good stuff
    20£ - 4G of good stuff
    40£ - 8G of good stuff
    and so on so forth
    an ounce of good, dank stuff is usually 130-150£ for me, bit expensive but whatever.
  8. 20 quid for a nice fat eigth of cheese in south london

  9. haha yes boi!
  10. hmm cheese..
  11. Glasgow..
    1/4 = £15
    1/2 = £30
    Oz = £60 Sometimes if its half decent an Oz is £80

    1/8 = £20
    1/4 = £40
    1/2 = £80
    Oz = £150/160 Good weed can be £200 and Oz.
  12. u dont have to tease us haha
  13. 30-50 USD for an ounce of brickweed where i'm from.
  14. When I was in the military stationed on a little island called Guam, my ex-wife (im only 22) used to get joints of shit weed for 20 dollars a piece! They where little .2 joints too.

    Very rarely can you buy dank that's not already a joint.

    I hated that place...
  15. Danks or Headies - $20 a g $60 an eighth
    Beasters - $15 a g $45-50 an eighth
    Outdoors - $10-15 a g $40-45 an eighth
    Mids - $25-30 an eighth

    I like outdoors the best, relatively cheap (i get it for $10 a g and pick up O's for $200) and gets me pretty stoned.:smoke:
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    Prices for Good Quality Weed. Normally get mine cheeper but this is a general price :smoking:

    £25 1/8
    £45 1/4
    £90 1/2
    180 1oz

  17. dude. I've heard you can buy large amounts of mountain grown outdoor for ridiculously low prices.
  18. im jealous!

  19. I'm in Chicago, and if theres one thing I've learned in 3 years of smoking, it's this; you get what you pay for. I only buy when I know exactly where the weed is coming from. My preferred guy is actually the owner of a small grow house, so the weed gets to me without a middleman. Sadly, due to police pressure, it's pretty expensive; 20 bucks a gram, 50-60 for an eighth. however, I'd rather pay the extra money to buy from a guy I know and trust than to fork over a little less dough to some guy importing shittier weed from mexico. Plus, I'm not exactly a fan of financing drug cartels that kill thousands of civilians. The only time I'll buy anything imported is if i know its from BC (which usually runs around the same, but with a better discount on bigger quantities).
  20. I'm from the Atlantic part of Canada, its a shitty place to live but it seems the pot here is cheaper. for a 10 G bag its about 60-75$ and thats A+ grade pot the best you can get down here and a 30 G bag is $180 also great erb. my next bag i get ill post some pics

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