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World War III maybe?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by windchime159, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Switzerland? Are you serious? lol, there's not going to be anywhere to run when that comes....only a matter of time once that shit hits the fan.

    What will happen first....nuclear blowout or raised consciousness? Im afraid the former will precipitate the latter.
  2. I think the main link to these events is the fact that it's the people vs the governments in power. In this age with the Internet there is no stopping someone from "getting their message out". Unless of course a government shuts it down (Egypt). And what ended up happening they were prussured to turn it back on.

    We might be experiencing WWIII now. Just a thought :)
  3. Yep srsly a single Nuke might not even go off during WWIII....:hippie:
  4. WW#3 is already on. It's a war of economics. How we doing compared to the rest of the world? I think not so good!

    If you compare all the past Nations, Religions, Well they just don't last that long. We are pushing then end of time compared with history.

    Nukes won't be used. The conquering nation won't want unusable land/water. Even in a desperate suicide move, the USA is set up to shut down the country electronically. OOH nukes are protected from that . They have that covered also. (98%).
    Biological/chemical, we have a concern. If that happened Switzerland would just be a tiny target to take over.

    So besides the war right now over trade and $$ . The next war will be fought over --Ready--

    Fresh water, usable fresh water. My 2 Cents.
  5. Only a matter of time till something happens to tip off a real war. May not be WWIII but it'd be fuckin crazy lol. It might not be us but you know how america is.
  6. I think it could. If it will than it is probably going to happen very soon IMO at least lol.
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    Yea, I sort of see the seeds of WWIII being planted. Imo it will be Russia/China and their arab allies vs US and theirs over control of petroleum in the middle east. Russia, China, and most arab countries are already trying to stop using US dollars as reserve currency.
  8. i never thought reading a world war topic would be so interesting high
  9. Prefix to this rant to come. I haven't slept since Thursday so I'm a bit "under the weather."

    If there is a WWIII it won't start off with the US vs whomever. I have a feeling it's going to start off between India vs Pakistan, Israel vs Palestine, or Liberia vs another African nation. But, you also have to put this into perspective a person would be launching the nuke that would end humanity. Me personally having no soul (I mean it I have no soul) would have no problem ending humanity. We are all filthy creatures that are about greed.

    Also, I don't think that a nuclear warhead will make mankind extinct. I have a feeling the US will shoot down one of the fifty satellite they have floating around earths orbit. The amount of plutonium that would be deposited into the earths atmosphere would kill everything instantly.

    But, since I've lost my mind I personally think the next major war that mankind will fight will be with the annunakis. If you don't know about them read up and watch "Secret Space vol. 2":smoke:

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