World Trade Organization out to make Vitamin C illegal?

Discussion in 'General' started by jimbobbybob, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Watching "How Weed Won the West" and he was talking about that, just did some research on it and it seems like they really want to make vitamin supplements only available through doctors' prescriptions...anyone have any info on this?
  2. That seems nearly impossible...
  3. Fuck man, are they going to ban oranges ?
  4. Norol instead of norml?
  5. Like large supplements, 1000mg, IDK exactly. Just found out about it 10 min ago haha looking for more info on the topic if anyone knows~
  6. I'm going to say a lot of those supplements are horrible for you
  7. It's probably the pharmaceutical industry doing this.
  8. All big corporations want a monopoly with it, or so it says on the video, but I would believe that....

    too many greedy people in this world tho
  9. LOL i laughed hard :p
  10. Nah they can't do that. Instead, they'll just tell Warner Bros to purchase the rights to all oranges and then censor any website that posts any images of or links to oranges. Pretty soon oranges will apparently cease to exist.:(

    At least I have my orange juice. Oh wait...
  11. oranges are to orange juice as marijuana is to...drinks with thc in them? so you're screwed man, no orange juice for you

    BUT YO anyone hear anything about this...?

  12. It's funny because they can actually do that now :laughing: I'm glad i don't live in the US :D
  13. [quote name='"skunky monkey"']

    It's funny because they can actually do that now :laughing: I'm glad i don't live in the US :D[/quote]

    Yeah man it's tough living in fear of companies putting copyrights on fruit. What a terrible place to live !

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