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  1. theres no way that lady lived through that

  2. People have been stabbed 100+times and lived, so who knows..
  3. [ame=]Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe ft. Dr. Dre - YouTube[/ame] Legend

  4. dude that blade was huge and completely in her through her stomach/chest area

    she definitely died
  5. Fuck this shit

    bad vibes
  6. It think ive seen that cops and at the end of the episode they had an update that said she was in stable condition:smoke:
  7. Wonder if they lied? Cops can do that, ya know?

  8. Ya probably but im going off my memory, and its hazy at best, plus it was in the gut, people survive from much worse shit than that, plus she was fat so theirs all that extra flesh it had to go through:smoke: think positive thoughts, or maybe she was crazy and is better off in the "next life"
  9. Dumbasses never use their tazers when necessary. If that crazy bitch was going after my friend and i didn't have a tazer, i probly would've tackled her too.
  10. cops protect themselves and innocent people before they try to protect someone wielding a huge knife. she went after the cop so the 2nd cop tackled her from behind and she got a knife lodged in her gut. thats the chance you take when you act batshit crazy.
  11. That video with the shoes pisses me off. That was like the friendly white black guy just trying to get his stolen shit back an he gets fuxked up by a nugger 2x his size
  12. Everybody in these videos is a gangsta g thug home slice when you're in a group, thinking your invincible and big tough shit...

    Then you get a pistol in your big pathetic face and it becomes a very humbling experience to say the least.

    Little wannabe thugs better get rid of your fucking egos before venturing into the real world.

    Just a very valuable .02
  13. i've been laughin at this all day!

    [ame=""]Video: This Woman Acting A Fool On Live TV: Sweet Brown - House Fire, No Time For Bronchitis![/ame]
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    [ame=]Video: I Love You: Fight Over NBA 2K At 7 In The Morning![/ame]

  16. There is a good lesson for all women imbedded in this tragic, tragic event :cry:
    Don't act like a psycho bitch and you wont get stabbed.:hello:

    Everybody happy!:cool:

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