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  1. What the fuck is wrong with these people? If I saw one of my friends getting fucked up like that best believe I would help him out. These people have some shitty friends.
  2. and now I want to punch something
  3. I feel like eventually the wrong person will be fucked with at a McDonalds... and fight back with a ccw.
    That video might be a slight reality check for all of the gangsters.
  4. Ya go trayvon martin on their asses. Fools makin a russle while im eatin my cheese burger
  5. [quote name='"DrLingIsKing"']

    Ya go trayvon martin on their asses. Fools makin a russle while im eatin my cheese burger[/quote]

    I was more talkin about the videos where people are getting attacked.
    Not just being an annoyance.
  6. It's weird. Every person in these videos is black except the one with the jeep in it...
  7. subbing, because this shit is hilarious.
  8. All I see is a bunch of videos of fools being fools.

    I mean, getting in a fight is one thing, but the punks that get in fights on this website and just about being gangster. And being gangster doesn't earn you shit but a prison sentence that ruins your life.
  9. [ame=]Video: Trash Talker Gets Put On Blast & Then KO'd For Repping The Wrong City In Bellevue, Washington! (His Homies Run Away)[/ame]
  10. hahahahah


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  11. [ame=]Video: Dayum, Mike Tyson Don't Even Hit This Hard: Youngin From Forrest City, Arkansas Starts Leaking Badly! (Just Wrong)[/ame]
  12. I absolutely love the ones when the criminal gets beaten, arrested, or shot by the people they are assaulting, or all three.

    Makes me happy to see people defend themselves from scum.

  13. One of my favorites is when the dude is on the phone in the jail cell and the other guys sleepin and he's all "yo what'd you say *****??!" then he clocks him while he's half asleep, the dude GETS UP rips off his shirt and is like NOW YOU FUCKED UP YOU FUCKED UP, I was like ohhhhh shit that dude DID fuck up :laughing:
  14. plz post more. i have a love hate realtionship with this
  15. ..
    not wshh but w/e
    these guys should be executed imo
  16. Ya he shouldn't of got tazed for just defending himself that's fucked up.

    And then the black dude was all like "I was just sleepin man I was just sleepin" lmfao what a lyin bitch, shoulda tazed his ass too
  17. [ame=]Video: Flashback TV Clip Of The Week: Bold Lady Swings Knife At Police![/ame]
  18. ^^^^^^^

    Wow that cop tackles her, and that's why the knife is shoved in her gut (talking about a 10 inch blade or some shit... Wow...

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