World Population Problem Solved!

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  1. [ame=]World Population Problem Solved (Illuminati Watch Plz) - YouTube[/ame]
  2. You be high. You be high
  3. You be something
  4. lol The Illuminati are not after the poor people. They want to destroy the middle class and have only mindless robotic slaves to do the dirty job for them, while they have everything at their disposal.
  5. I have a solution that would end homelessness and world hunger. We simply need to feed the homeless to the hungry.
    That dude sold it like a champ
  7. that was me aha

  8. Wait really? haha awesome man
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    On another note you make some alright hiphop.

    I can definitely dig it! Props my dooood! :smoke:

    You should find a legit producer with an underground feel to his beats, idk bout these base rumblin, hi hat tappin beats
  10. There isn't overpopulation.
  11. Wow, I want some of what your smoking.

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