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  1. so normal weekly server maintenance, and a few servers were to stay offline until 1pm... thats fine. 1pm turns into 2pm, 2pm turns into 2:30, that goes to 3:30 then to 5:30 and now its saying 7:30.

    Blizzard makes 150million a month from 10million subscribers and some how things like this happen almost every patch day.
  2. yeah this shit sucks man. its 10:47 here and its still down on my realm
  3. i'm so glad i got away:)
  4. back in my WoW days those motherfuckers made me rage so hard when i couldn't get my fix! |:< nah jk but i'd be bored all day 'cause i couldn't be playing WoW and it sucked...
  5. Hell yeah, shit used to piss me off, and what prompted me to stop buying. Getting away from that game made my life much better, though, so I guess it was a life saver.
  6. I just never play anymore. I've got an 80 arcane mage and a 50 ret palidan, and after I spent $50 rolling them both to a really progressed server, I just got sick of WoW. Well not so much "sick" of it, but I don't have the urge to play very long anymore. I find it a hassle finding groups for heroics, waiting for everyone to get ready, dealing with newbs that can't play there class or don't know what they are doing.

    If anyone plays Alliance, Cenarius US let me know though. Maybe i'll play if there are fellow stoners on my server from the city!
  7. ya basically the raids/heroics depended too much on other ppl doing their job/knowing the fight..and basically waiting for ppl explaining to ppl..wiping...ppl leaving the group...wasting my time...

  8. same here man 3 weeks clean.

    i feel like a weigth has been lifted

    i was in for 4 years.

    I still think its a fucking great game though.

    I still havent sold my account "full t7.5 ret paladin" if any1 is interested
  9. I play on Kael'Thas, horde.
    Add Roflrazzi =]

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