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  1. Hey who else plays wow? server and character names.

    I play on kelthuzad i got a 70 feral druid named apoka
  2. I have tried to play this game... but my God, how the FUCK do you guys play it to level 70 and not get bored as all hell?

    I've gotten to level 34 on one account, had to start another and now have a level 20 balance durid.

    Thinking about playing EVE Online again, such a better group of people.
  3. I have a few 70's on Zul'jin. As for getting bored, depends. Fortunately I have a pretty cool group of folk in my guild so it's fun. I also only play 3 nights a week a couple hours. I willa dmit when I started playing I played way too much.
  4. i dont get bored cause i play with my friends. If they stopped playing id probably quit to or play a lot less. i have friends ive met in the game but idk if it would be the same as playing with RL friends
  5. wow is a prtty good game i play on Proudmoore im a 21 Alliance Rouge named luwa
  6. Back before expansion I was one of the top pvpers on KT. Name was Zojo. Is Pacifist and MINISTRY still around haha? Or are MikeC, Burnout, Nav, or Oggy still playing or anything?
  7. i used to play before burning crusade. had a 60 orc warrior and 48 undead priest but was banned because i was trying to bot up a pally before the expansion :(
  8. Had a 60 priest(full t2 some t3/AQ gear) and 60 hunter(full t1 some t2) that got banned pre-BC, got banned for using a fishing bot... so lame

    now I have a 70 paladin and 70 rogue. I only play once or twice a week tho, and only for a couple hours... waiting for the next xpac to come out

    server is frostmane, my names are exquisite and victory
  9. Got some chars on Burning Blade, Horde. Epic'd 70s. Use to raid, now I play Xbox.
  10. ministry isnt paci is. The great han players went to aftermath and the yawning dogs have hella people now.
  11. lame for all you guys getting bannd by bot using. I havent gotten banned for using flo which is an AV bot. I get like a peice of pvp gear worth of points while im at school lol.
  12. blizzard views level bots differently than afk bots. usually afk botters only get temporary suspensions while anyone caught gliding is perma banned.
  13. I had a lvl 70 orc warrior called Slunk (Alleria-US) who was feared by all. He was forced into retirement when I moved to the UK and Bliz wouldn't transfer my account to the EU servers. So now I've got my new baby, Sativia, lvl 62 undead lock (Al'Akir-EU). I've got a blood elf pally as well that my husband sometimes drives, but I really only made him to gather herbs so I don't have to get them through the AH on my main o_O
  14. Dunemaul 70 orc rogue. Welfaire epics. I dont really play anymore though, Im waiting to see if expansion is worth it.
  15. It probably won't be /sigh =(
  16. Yeah im geussing just the same old reptitive crap. I wish diablo 3 would just come out already.
  17. Fillupurcup, iamzanth hoard frostwolf PvP, meatshield allie runetotam PvE
  18. I used to be a hardcore raider (was the first guild in server in TK, and alot of first kills for server) then i got more into wow, and quit. I was addicted though, im prolly gonna come bck for xpac
  19. Juniperrain lvl 46 dranei shaman, Summerglow lvl 14 gnome mage, Runetotem pve. Creeknbones lvl 17 undead warlock and Cloudydai lvl 40 blood elf hunter Frostwolf pvp. And u better believe im trying out a death knight :metal:

  20. You need to get a toon to lvl 55 before you can try a death knight out, if you didnt know already.

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