World of Warcraft Patch 6.0 - do you play?

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    Whats up gamers and tokers. Patch 6.0 for wow just came out and wow - the game is so different. The stat squish makes it feel like a completely knew game. I don't know the proper damage I should be doing and with the damage buff to legacy raids it completely throws you off.
    The new run animations - HORRIBLE. Night elf runs with a fucking stick up his ass and so does human. They added more swing, sway and weight to the runs but in turn you run with a stick up your ass. Looks like they meshed skyrim running with the new running of some of the MOP mobs and yea... Its just fucking horrible.
    The patch 6.0 content itself is stupidly simple - 10 quests in blasted lands for your "pre expac" event - 10 quests. If you did them the day the patch came out too, you most likely didn't get the proper loot because as always blizzard can't have shit running properly. UBRS is a fucking joke - you either get a geared group and smash through it or you get a shitty group and flail your arms around until you get a decent healer or tank.
    Healing is so different - instant casts are done for so healing feels very, very choppy. I don't heal but as a tank... I notice my bar moving in huge chunks versus bits here and there. Healing is just so difficult now apparently and it shows - healers are having a rough mother fucking time keeping tanks up.
    5.2 dailies and 5.1 rares NO LONGER OFFER HONOR - free 1200 honor a day was amazing - considering to farm 1200 honor in BGs would take you... well, lets see. I did 1 bg before top out on damage/kb/flag caps and I got 101 honor for 20 minutes of busting my ass. Now taht they took away JUSTICE POINTS you can't convert them to HONOR POINTS so yea, gearing for PvP will now take days, weeks, months.
    I don't know what else to say as the patch doesn't have much content to it. if you remember when BC was coming out, the undead naxxaramas event was amazing! This patch though.. you log in, get your 3 pieces of loot from UBRS eventually, run around and complain about the run animations.
    That is IT. How shitty of a patch can they have made? Yea we have to "relearn" our classes but no you really don't, every class was so dumbed down with the button cut that there is nothing to learn. You have 4 buttons to hit.
    Way, to, go, blizz. I have never enjoyed a game much like WoW and after 10 years, I'm finally starting to float away from the game. Let me log in real quick and figure out something to do..
    EDIT - oh yea, and they did something to do with graphics(wow is not running sli now? i think) and something else with graphics but pretty much they redid them so you can run WoW smoother on shitty non gaming computers.
    What this means for those of us with high priced gaming rigs? Our nice graphics cards and CPUs and everything - wasted. Why? because you can't run WoW any better on a high priced rig than a 300 dollar asus computer. How stupid is that?

  2. Agreed about the running. My night elf looks like crap when she runs, so disappointing :/ My draenei hunter looked repulsive, too. The draenei faces are really not attractive at all.
    I think the taking out heirlooms for JP was a stupid decision tbh. A lot of the changes they made weren't very wise. Both my feral druid and my BM hunter have been dumbed down so much; I logged back on after the patch and there were giant gaps in the rotation where blizz had made everything simpler and meshed it all together.
    Unfortunately it's laggier than before on my laptop though :/ It's a shitty HP but I mean I had no problems running WoW on good quality before. Now I have to do fair and still lag up a bit. 
  3. Watched a podcast that said it was temporary while they do the changes to heirlooms in a future patch. Will have to be patient on that one :)
    Oh thank god lol. Thank you, I thought it was permanent!  :p
  5. I don't like it at all. My 560 hunter lost half his button -.- not to mention my vid card is already shit so after the update the game is completely unplayable, even when I uncheck the new face models.
  6. Whats up with the huuuge hands on both draenei male and male humans and male night elf..
    It looks rediculous lol 
  7. People still play this game? Wtf

  8. i would play this game...but its way to much of a cartoon for me....Lord of the rings Online is like the adult more in depth version of a MMO. plus you can grow and smoke pipe weed, You even cure it and shit to lol, then test your samples! cant do that in WoW i bet.
  9. I wouldn't be too worried about balance and gameplay with 6.0 at 90. We'll see what happens when WoD hits.
    Nah, there is still plenty of instant cast heals going around. I main a Holy Priest and the only thing we really lost was Prayer of Mending. And even with that gone I still barely have to cast anything, a flash heal here and there.
    No way I'm jumping on the Disc bandwagon though. Silence is juicy, but I just cannot stand the idea of not having Chastise. That thing gives Priests a huge amount of depth and utility.
  11. I've wanted to try holy for a while. I've mained shadow since bc and have only ever healed as disc because it's so easy.

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